Monday, February 1, 2010

You Can't Fix Stupid

ABC News is reporting Sarah Palin has been using her Political Action Committee to buy up thousands of copies of her book, "Going Rogue," in order to mail copies of the memoir to her donors, according to newly filed campaign records. Let's see...her donors donate their money, she uses their money to purchase a book to 'give' them as a reward for donating! Brilliant! The PAC bought the books from HarperCollins, Palin's publisher so we can be sure she got a lot of bang for her $63,000. It's not like anyone is aware that bulk buying is a secret, it's just that her fans have placed this crazy woman on such a pedestal, they actually believe all of her sales were from people who were interested in her, were actually going to read it and truly want her to become President. It would take the shine off the "Best Seller" euphoria for normal people, but these are not normal people. I'm willing to bet her fan base is already making excuses even though it's their money. Think about it. When her book first came out, I seem to remember her offering a free book with a $100 donation to SarahPAC. So if she spent somewhere between $4 and $ the math! Don't forget about all those $4.95 bulk copies that NewsMax gave away either. In addition, her committee paid her publisher $20,000 for the cost of sending her personal photographer and another aide along on her book tour. Those expenses are listed by the PAC as travel repayment to Harper Collins. SarahPAC also paid $13,000 for that Going Rogue bus wrap for her book tour and more than $27,000 for private jets during the "bus" book tour. Palin also pays 6 people for fundraising or communications consulting, 2 administrative workers -- one in Arlington, VA, where the PAC is based, and one in her home town of Wasilla, AK. I wonder how much her hairdresser made...*wink*.

Here are some other rumored expenses from If nothing else, just check out the blog for a general idea of what Palin wants to keep under wrap.
  • Paid $ 30,000 to Orion Strategies in Washington DC, owned by neocon Randy Scheunemann
  • Paid $ 65,000 to Sarah Palin's lawyer Van Flein despite having no legal issues - Then what was the money for?
  • Secretly employed the founders of "Conservatives4Palin", Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo - their task: Ghostwriting Sarah Palin's Facebook to make her look like she has intellectual political capacity.
  • Paid more than $ 50,000 for the development of a website to a person in AK who has a shoddy track record of developing websites. Although the payments were made several months ago, no website has been presented yet.
These days, Palin mostly communicates with the public through her Facebook page, Twitter and through constant appearances on Fox News where every single host, male or female fawn all over this fraud. As I said yesterday, I think the Republican Party may be setting up to run a "pretty ticket." It's clear that her public appearances are limited to people who don't understand, that she really doesn't understand. Call Obama a radical leftist and socialist, say the Democrats are weak on defense and want to redistribute your wealth, say liberals hate God and puppies and wink. They go bonkers and leave the venue saying what a deep understanding of policy she has.  Then they go home to watch the WWE or Biggest Loser.

On the web site of her PAC, Palin posted a special letter to supporters upon the release of her book. "My book, 'Going Rogue,' is dedicated to you -- to Patriots -- who fight for freedom!"
Personally I'd like the Patriots to find someone who can pass rush...Oh, not 'those' Patriots!

See, she's a regular person just like you!

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