Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maddow Smacks Down Republican Hypocrisy on Meet The Press

I really can't say anything more interesting than suggest you watch Rachel Maddow's appearance today on Meet The Press. She was magnificent. The world's worst moderator, David Gregory still kept her in check at times, but she was more than prepared for his antics today. The panel discussed the Obama Administrations treatment of terror suspects compared to Bush's with the all the political hypocrisy. Also discussed was Republican hypocrisy over the stimulus package and the jobs bill. Maddow challenged Aaron Schock (R-IL) as to why reading an enemy combatant his Miranda Rights is a bad thing. He went into a lie and she bagged him. That woman always shows up with facts and stats. How can they not know this about her at this point? Then they went into domestic policies with Rachel accusing Schock of hypocrisy for railing against a spending bill in public while touting its benefits in his home district. She crushed him again. I do wish Gregory had let her respond when Schlock managed to whimper a question of whether she would give back her Bush tax cuts. She was our local DJ when the Bush cuts for the wealthy were issued and the rest of us got a $600 check. Although I'm sure her point would've been that she wasn't in congress or the senate voting against bills while reaping the benefits, my point is that she wasn't a huge beneficiary either. I don't see that as a point for little Aaron. He looked like he wanted to cry.

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