Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job!

President Elect Scott Brown…What? He’s not President Elect? Ok, Senate Majority Leader Elect Sco…wha…he’s not that either? He’s not even sworn into office?! Then why the hell is the whole country watching his every move? Brown appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with Barbara Walters Sunday. She actually asked him if he was considering running for President in 2012 and although his first response was, “I don’t even have a business card yet”, he didn’t reject the idea either. When asked about Sarah Palin, he said he did believe she had the capacity to hold the office of the president. "I mean she's been a mayor and a governor and has a national following." And everything! Is he out of his freakin mind?! Why didn’t you talk about that when you were running for Senator instead of the GD truck?! He continued by saying, “I know she's very popular and has a new book out. I haven't read it and hope to someday." Oh my God Massachusetts, what have 52% of you done?

Brown claims he wants to hear from the generals before weighing in on repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Yeah right. I’m sure he’ll be an independent, thoughtful voice in regards to gay military personel. He has spoken out forcefully against same-sex marriage, supporting a Constitutional amendment to ban such unions. He continued by saying “it's settled here in Massachusetts, but I believe that states should have the ability to determine their own destiny and the government should not be interfering with individual states' rights on issues that they deal with on a daily basis." That’s right, keep allowing majorities to restrict rights of minorities because you don’t “get it.” As a white playboy, he's never been discriminated against. In fact, he's probably been applauded for his "scores." There is no way he’s going to support the repeal of DADT. One of the things that does make me chuckle though, is one fact that these guys don’t seem to grasp; there are gay soldiers already serving and have since the start of time. This isn't a new millenium thing! It’s not like they’re all of a sudden going to start painting their rifles hot pink. Would they really rather not know? In fact, I would think that they’d prefer to know. On top of all that, he is also opposed the repeal of another Clinton gem, the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Did anybody who voted for this guy actually check his voting record and stances? Who is continuing to fall for his lines?

On abortion, he said he still was a supporter of Roe v. Wade, though he wanted to make it more difficult for abortions to take place. In other words, keep it legal, but make sure only women who have the money to pay for the procedure out of pocket have access. That way, when the unwanted child is born to a poor teenager, it'll be one more kid without a chance, two actually, but a Bible thumper somewhere will sleep better. Their job is done. That's my biggest problem with the "pro-life" movement. Why are they only concerned with the unborn? Once these kids are out of the womb, the next thing that happens is these "good" Christians start bitching that their tax money shouldn't go to support that teenage slut and her bastard child. Here’s what the smartest tactic would be. Make birth control easily accessible, teach people, especially teenagers the dangers of unprotected sex, but for Christ sakes, give up on this abstinence only nonsense. For the first time in ten years, teen pregnancy is up. Can’t these idiots see the correlation of time when sex education was forbidden in favor of abstinence only?

Here’s my fear people. First, the fact that Brown's arrogant enough to be considering running for President when he's only actually been to D.C. once in an official capacity. Secondly, thinking Sarah Palin has the capacity to hold the office of the president shows his lack of depth is equal to hers. Are the Republicans considering running two pretty faces for the highest office in the land while Rove, Gingrich and Cheney secretly run things in the background? We have such an easily impressed electorate, I really fear that’s where they’re heading. Many men (no offense to evolved males) would still probably have an issue with a woman running the show, but a pretty boy and a beauty queen, no problem!
For the record, beauty is subjective so these two have no appeal to this writer.

Let's close with these nuggets. He's against fees on the big banks that received bailout money. He wants no new regulation of the financial markets. And he wants to maintain Bush tax cuts after 2010. In essence, he wants to follow the failed policies that got us here. Once again I ask, did anybody who voted for this guy actually check his voting record and stances? Well, at least he said he was for term limits! So I agree with him on something.
Click on  Scott Brown to see what we really got and please notice all the activity that seemed to begin with his race to the Senate. Where was he between July 2004 and September 2009? Just as important, why couldn't Martha Coakley and her team do this simple research?

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