Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most Unpopular Group in America Dictating Republican Policy

Rachel Maddow talks about how Americans dislike the tea party more than gay people, Muslims, atheists, and liberals by looking at data from a recent poll. The poll found that the Tea Party is easily the single most unpopular group in America. This is something you'd think the Republican Party would take to heart. As Maddow noted, "If you were the Republican Party, and you were going to give one of these groups of Americans veto power over who was going to be your presidential nominee...which of these groups would you choose? I mean, really? You'd give that power to the one at the very, very bottom, underneath the atheists? Really?"

Yet looking at the 2012 Republican presidential field to date, the only guy who has solidly distanced himself from the Tea Party and is actually making any sense is Jon Huntsman, who is polling at a 1% and at bottom of the pack.

Nicole Wallace, former White House communications director and senior advisor to the McCain-Palin campaign joined Rachel to discuss why Republicans are so deferential to the tea party and why they're so unpopular.

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Maddow Appears on Letterman - August 23, 2011

Last night, the smart, talented, attractive, and funny Rachel Maddow was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman and as usual, she did not disappoint. I'm not generally a Letterman fan, but I have to give him credit, when he has her on his show, he seems genuinely interested in what she has to say and does not interrupt her. And as usual, the quick witted MSNBC host supplies a few zingers. Enjoy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Had Enough Yet?

Just wondering if Democrats or people left of center in general are finally getting it, that the right wing plays for keeps. They will stop at nothing to get total power. They lie, they cheat, they steal. There is no equivalency in what their side does and what our side does. They are organized in deceiving people to an alternate reality. They own the airwaves. It's why we can't stay in power, they fight dirty while our side tries to take the high road (ex. Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, Obama). There is no equivalency that Fox and MSNBC are opposite sides of the same coin. Fox IS the Republican Party and they created the tea party with the Koch roaches. Their one "liberal" Alan Colmes is nothing more than a punching bag for their right wing thugs, which include the Stepfaux Blondes. On the other hand, MSNBC allows Scarborough three hours every day to bash the administration. It gives Mrs. Greenspan (Andrea Mitchell) an hour to question the administrations decisions. And it employs racist, bigot Pat Buchanan is a contributor. These right wing lunatics only believe in the first amendment when it's them doing the talking. They love the Constitution so much they want to change it. If they're waving a flag and carrying a Bible, be afraid, be very afraid.

Please read: Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thanks Once Again Jon Stewart

Warren Buffett's op-ed is a thoughtful commentary on the advantages the super-wealthy currently enjoy at the hands of the tax code, or to put it another way, "class warfare."
Stop Coddling the Super-Rich  from the New York Times.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maddow and Steele Don't Agree - On Pretty Much Anything

I have to admit, I think Michael Steele is pretty much a clown politically, but he seems like a decent guy so I generally enjoy his exchanges with Rachel Maddow. I couldn't believe that he actually said that the Tea Party (I prefer teabaggers) are not just Republicans. Rachel quickly pointed out that the religious right is a major part of the group. Steele was trying to sell it that the the fundies jumped in later. I totally disagree. Those people are the birthers, those people cried they wanted their country back, presumably from the black man, those people doubt his Christianity; and they've been there from the start. President Obama could cure cancer, solve world piece, allow everyone a ride on Air Force One or kill Osama bin Laden and they'd still hate him. Oh wait, we have proof of that. The Republicans want to credit George W. Bush for the death of bin Laden, even though he disbanded the group "searching" for him in 2006, but blame Obama for Bush's economy. Rewrite history! That's the ticket. Teabagger Heaven. C'mon Mr. Steele, don't be part of the problem. Classy, good-natured exit though.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hartmann: Can Republicans get elected without fraud & treason?

Someone sent me this video.  It's definitely worth the watch. And there's nothing I can add, except to say no, no they can't.

Since Dwight Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961 - 5 different Republicans have been President of the United States. And every single one of them - from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush - have been illegitimate - ascending to the highest office in the land NOT through small-D democratic elections - but instead through fraud and treason. Don't believe me? Watch!

Thom Hartmann: Can Republican get elected without fraud & treason?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Yee Haw! It's Official, Rick Perry is In!

Because eight years of another clueless Texas governor wasn't quite enough, here comes Rick! He thinks it's time to get Americans working slave wages, but still, he thinks he's a job creator. The man who implied that Texas has a right to secede the union actually wants to lead the union. Seems a bit awkward to me, but there's no shame coming from Texas. This seems to make him an immediate favorite, but we haven't seen him on the national stage so time will tell. He is an immediate threat to Michele Bachmann's Evangelical voters though. He is among the top political fund-raisers in the country, with a vast network of wealthy supporters eager to bankroll his presidential ambitions. Only Mitt Romney is in his league. It's on folks!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Radical Rick Makes the Evangelical Hearts Go Pitter Patter

Damn that Oprah Winfrey!  There's one big reason to be concerned about the entrance of Rick Perry into the presidential race, and Rachel Maddow, as usual, is all over it. She begins the segment by playing yet another round of clips of crazy pastors attending Perry's "Response" (with all their offensive rhetoric towards Jews, gay people, the Statue of Liberty and Oprah), and wonders whether this fool's potential success is being viewed by these extremists as a chance to take over the ruling class. Rachel concludes and shares, that "There are some patterns among these folks." She describes them as being part of the "New Apostolic Reformation," a specific political and religious movement, which is outlined in in this frightening Texas Observer article.

They believe they are modern-day prophets and apostles, who, unlike rapture-ready evangelicals believe the only way the world can end is if they clear the way for it by taking over politics and infiltrating and controlling the following "seven mountains" of society: media, government, the family, religion, business, education, and arts and entertainment.

Food for thought: Are we really ready for another dumb ass from Texas? I think this one is worse than the last one. This guy will take us to theocracy if given the chance. The hard right has taken over the Republican Party and they're not fighting back. What's scaring me is that the Democrats aren't either.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

President Santorum? I Think Not

I had to share this video. Can you imagine this guy as President? This was more painful to watch than Palin's interview with Katie Couric as she tried to figure out what she read. As far as I can tell, he was trying to explain that he opposes gay marriage because paper towels are not napkins. Given Santorum's comments, I thought O'Donnell's analogies were brilliant; essentially stating that napkins and paper towels are interchangeable. Last week, Santorum made a similar argument: “It's like saying this glass of water is a glass of beer. Well, you can call it a glass of beer, but it's not a glass of beer. It's a glass of water. And water is what water is. Marriage is what marriage is.” Alrighty then...

By the way, have you googled Santorum yet? Just don't do it from work!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colbert Takes On GOP's Latest Scare

You got to hand it to Stephen Colbert. He has an amazing ability to turn actual GOP beliefs into hilarious fodder for his show. I will admit that a few years ago, I wasn't much of a fan. He did segments now and then that I thought were really funny, but I wasn't really "feeling it." However, I've changed my mind. I will tip my hat to a good friend of mine for cluing me in on the man's comic genius. This was my favorite segment since Palin rewrote Revere's famous ride and Colbert mounted his steed!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Attention Starved Head Banger Must Be Sad

As Rachel Maddow returned from a well deserved vacation, she thanked her guest hosts, congratulated Chris Hayes for his new weekend gig at MSNBC and gave the news all her fans rejoiced upon hearing; that Rachel's contract has been extended. No details are available, but internet rumors say it keeps her at MSNBC through 2014. I guess a frivolous lawsuit from a homophobic nobody wasn't enough to keep her off the air. Keith Olbermann had been openly commenting that he's like to poach her away from NBC while CNN was mulling offering her a contract to replace Piers Morgan (who is probably tied into Murdoch's phone hacking scandal). Best new thing in the world, indeed.