Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maddow Tells Beck to Back Off

While I don't want to see MSNBC's Rachel Maddow get into a back and forth with Fox News moronic hate and fear monger Glenn Beck, she has every right to defend herself against the lies he tells his millions of simple mindle followers about her. Last night, she did just that. Unfortunately for Rachel, the people that like her already know the truth. She didn't need to convince us. The people who like Beck couldn't care less about truth or facts, they want to hear their own hatred justified. He'll probably just edit some more video today to play for them. Her message is lost on them.

While I've always believed Beck followers had to be largely unstable to actually take this guy seriously, when Rachel said,
I get hate mail from all sorts of conservatives all the time. I always have. But it is the hate mail from self proclaimed fans of Mr. Beck that is most likely to contain death threats and threats of violence against me expressed as extensions of the frenzied devotion his fans feel for him. They think he is the second coming...
it genuinely bothered me. I've read about threats against her in other interviews she's done, but hearing it in her own voice troubled me. She is a television news personality. She doesn't make policy, she isn't voting in Washington, she's a tv talker. I realize I'm not 100% objective on this subject as I agree with Ms. Maddow on virtually everything, but I fail to understand why anyone would threaten her for doing the same job as Beck except with a very different point of view. She uses calmness, intelligence and a sense of humor, all of which are missing from this guy. What is that really saying about the state of our country when having a different point of view empowers certain people into thinking they have a green light to issue threats?

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