Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buttars and McDonnell Doing Their Part In Regressing America

  • Utah state Sen. Chris Buttars (R) has put forth a plan to eliminate 12th grade in high school claiming the proposal could save the state about $60 million. When I first read the headline, I figured it must be a bogus one to get you to read it, but nope, this was really proposed. I guess Republicans in red states have decided that the electorate isn't quite dumb enough yet. Funny that the Church of the Latter Day Saints can come up with millions in California to fund an anti-gay referendum, but they can't come up with enough dough to make senior year possible in Utah. Of course, this isn't Buttars' only brush with stupidity. He has said of gays, "They're probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of." and "I meet with the gays here and there. They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays. But I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face." So many jokes to be made, so little interest in talking about this homophobic anti-education moron any longer than necessary. I just thought you should know.
  • I also think it's important to note that new Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) made a little noticed change in Virginia's anti-discrimination law. Gay and lesbian state workers in Virginia are no longer specifically protected against discrimination. On Feb. 5 he signed an executive order that prohibits discrimination "on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, political affiliation, or against otherwise qualified persons with disabilities," as well as veterans. It rescinds the order that former Gov. Tim Kaine signed Jan. 14, 2006 as one of his first actions. After promising a "fair and inclusive" administration in his inaugural address, Kaine (D) added veterans to the non-discrimination policy - and sexual orientation. All I can say is wow. In 2010, to go out of your way to strip equal protection laws while we have a black president just floors me. Virginia has elected a women-hating, gay-hating (probable closet-racist) as Governor. Nice job Virginia, I don't feel so bad about Scott Brown right now. Thanks!

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