Thursday, March 31, 2011

GOP Finds Uterus Offensive

Hey, it at least explains all the closeted Republicans getting caught with their pants down!!! Seriously, I saw this article today and just shook my head, then thought, "What's next?" At the Florida House during last week's discussion about a bill that would prohibit governments from deducting union dues from a worker's paycheck, state Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, used his time during floor debate to argue that Republicans are against regulations -- except when it comes to the little guys, or serves their specific interests. He was chastized for his language because he suggested that his wife "incorporate her uterus" to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. Evidently the party that has been talking non-stop about abortion for three months is now concerned that "the kids" may hear the word uterus being discussed and, gee wiz willickers, that's going to corrupt the kids! Evidently discussing a body part that 52% of the population has is offensive! Who knew?!
I'm just going to repost this article from Mother Jones written by Adam Weinstein.

GOP: You Can't Say "Uterus" on Statehouse Floor— By Adam Weinstein
Thu Mar. 31, 2011 12:12 PM PDT. Clearly having seen my roundup yesterday, and hoping to outdo it, the Florida GOP offered us another precious moment today. From the St. Petersburg Times:

At one point [Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando] suggested that his wife "incorporate her uterus" to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. Republicans, after all, wouldn't want to further regulate a Florida business.

Apparently the GOP leadership of the House didn't like the one-liner.

They told Democrats that Randolph is not to discuss body parts on the House floor.

"The point was that Republicans are always talking about deregulation and big government," Randolph said Thursday. "And I always say their philosophy is small government for the big guy and big government for the little guy. And so, if my wife's uterus was incorporated or my friend's bedroom was incorporated, maybe they (Republicans) would be talking about deregulating.

"It's not like I used slang," said Randolph, who actually got the line from his wife.

Wait. Uterus? What's wrong with uterus? It's a pretty common medical/anatomical term, right? A House GOP spokeswoman explained that Randolph's comment lacked "decorum" and could pervert the kiddies:

...the Speaker believes it is important for all Members to be mindful of and respectful to visitors and guests, particularly the young pages and messengers who are seated in the chamber during debates. In the past, if the debate is going to contain language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests, the Speaker will make an announcement in advance, asking children and others who may be uncomfortable with the subject matter to leave the floor and gallery.

You know what I say to that? Take a long fallopian walk off a short doggoned uterus, you sigmoid colonoscopes!

Sorry, that was a little over the top...Oh dear, hope I don't get fired.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Eric Cantor,

This is how a bill becomes a law...

Today, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said at a press conference that Republicans would consider the Government Shutdown Prevention Act on Friday. The bill would make H.R. 1 law if the Senate fails to pass a measure “before April 6” to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. H.R. 1, which passed the House but has gone nowhere in the Senate, would fund the government through the end of September and seeks to cut $61 billion in spending.

Someone (where are you Boehner?) should've tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him that the House and the Senate both have to pass it, and the President has to sign it. I guess he thinks any two votes count. This is the guy who led the reading of the Constitution when the Republicans were sworn in as the majority in January. Gosh, he's young enough to have watched Schoolhouse Rock! This shouldn't be that hard, people.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Scott Walker,' 'Wisconsin,' 'Madison,' 'Maddow,' Oh My!

Union busters have always relied on scare tactics to boost anti-worker legislation -- fear, threats, lies and intimidation are standard fare for politicians trying to weaken labor laws, and they're generally effective. In a recent example of this, right-wing think tanks are going after universities and professors for emails that might mention anything regarding the mass protests across the Midwest. Yesterday, the case of William Cronon, a historian at the University of Wisconsin, who was targeted by the GOP for his emails in an effort to smear his reputation was reported. You see, Cronin had the audacity to weigh in on Wisconsin's turmoil by creating a blog called scholarcitizen. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which is funded by the union-busting Koch Brothers, filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act for any emails sent during state time, on state computers which contained, 'Scott Walker,' 'Wisconsin,' 'Madison,' 'Maddow.' Maddow? Huh, the right wing is always saying how she's irrelevant and no one watches her while touting Faux' big, big ratings on their propaganda channel. So why is the lefty truthteller on little ol' MSNBC so scary to them?

In abusing Open Records to attack academic freedom and intimidate critics, the Cronon situation is an indicator of just how vindictive, how un-American, one of our two political parties has become. I watched Fair Game earlier tonight. Ever since Bush-Cheney fired the shot over the bow to expose CIA Agent Valerie Plame due to husband Joe Wilson's damning article about their Iraq lies, and got away with it, Republicans have established a war on any type of criticism headed in their direction. By the way, I highly recommend the movie although I regret they didn't go even more in depth. They just told the story.

Rachel Maddow followed up this evening being that she was named and all, inviting Mackinac backers -- including Charles Koch and The Walton [Wal-Mart] Family Foundation -- to appear on last night's show and discuss the FOIC request. Neither responded, I know - shocking. Also interesting was the response of another Mackinac backer, The Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation (the parents of Blackwater founder Erik Prince) -- who claimed not to know what they were talking about, before abruptly hanging up. Watch the clip below, Rachel doing it as only she can!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Culture Warriors Heading 2012 Republican Class

Potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour all pledge to reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell if they're elected. This brings a few things to mind. The very first thing I'd like to point out is that a December 2010 Gallup Poll stated that 67% of Americans support the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," with only Conservative Republicans showing more opposition than support. And after nine months of study, an exhaustive Pentagon survey of more than 115,000 military personnel found 70% believe that serving with openly gay service members would not harm their unit's ability to work together. So clearly these politicians' positions have nothing to do what the majority of Americans want, civilian or military. Now we have Haley Barbour stating, "when you're under fire, and people are living and dying on split-second decisions, you don't need any kind of amorous mindset that can affect saving people's lives and killing bad guys." Is this guy serious? Does he really think if a platoon is under fire and there's an openly gay soldier fighting along side heterosexuals, he's thinking, "Wow, that guy has a nice ass, I want to hit that!" Are the Republicans really that idiotic? Do they think the closeted gay soldier today will behave differently if he's "out" tomorrow? Do Conservatives think most people think like that? I guess their base might, but that isn't going to help in a general election. Truthfully, that thinking says way more about them than a gay service member...or any gay person for that matter. I also wonder where this idea has come from where "conservatives" imply that every gay person has a sexual desire for every person they come in contact with of the same sex. Is it because Republicans are so shamed or insecure about their sexuality, regardless of orientation, because they have to babble about the Bible to keep their constituents happy, while keeping their dirty little secrets inside (until they're ultimately caught). Perhaps this is part of their fantasy? All I can say is, conservatives sure spend a lot of time thinking about other peoples sex lives, private parts and figuring out how to keep women pregnant. They run around carping about keeping government out of peoples lives yet do just the opposite. It blows my mind that people will vote for these guys due to irrational fears pushed by a powerful right wing media, even though it will not be in their economic best interests. How did this country become so fearful instead of fearless? How can we get back to a brighter future for all American? It'll take a someone like FDR who welcomed the hatred of corporate America. Does that person exist? Right now, the rich and powerful are quite happy to keep us fighting amongst ourselves over social issues while they rob us blind.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just When You Think You've Heard It All...

According to the AP - A RadioShack in Hamilton, Montana is offering would-be satellite television customers some real bang for their buck. Qualifying customers who sign up for some Dish Network packages have the choice between a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun.  Those not interested in the gun offer can pick a $50 Pizza Hut gift card. Store owner Steve Strand said that it took some haggling to get Dish Network to go along with the promotion but that it has tripled his business since it started in October. The sign outside the business is pictured below.  When I first saw this, I thought it was a spoof piece from The Onion.  I actually feel bad for The Onion in some ways, reality is far surpassing any parody they could come up with.  On the other hand, I can't really blame folks for rejecting a $50 Pizza Hut gift card either! 
All joking aside, this is a pretty sad example of the mentality in this country.  Over 2400 gun deaths since Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  We haven't learned a damn thing.

Read more here...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ferraro's Legacy vs Palin's Celebrity

August 26, 1935-March 26, 2011

U.S. political icon Geraldine Ferraro, the first female vice presidential candidate to run on a major political ticket, has died at age 75 after a long battle with cancer, her family said Saturday. Ferraro made history when Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale pick her to be his running mate in the 1984, in an election that president Ronald Reagan, a Republican running for re-election, unfortunately won. Her family released a statement saying Ferraro "was widely known as a leader, a fighter for justice, and a tireless advocate for those without a voice," "Her courage and generosity of spirit throughout her life waging battles big and small, public and personal, will never be forgotten and will be sorely missed."

According to Wikipedia: 
While in Congress, Ferraro focused much of her legislative attention on equity for women in the areas of wages, pensions, and retirement plans. She was a co-sponsor of the 1981 Economic Equity Act On the House Select Committee on Aging, where she concentrated on the problems of elderly women. In 1984, she championed a pension equity law revision that would improve the benefits of people who left work for long periods of time and then returned, a typical case for women with families.
While Ferraro's pro-choice views conflicted with those of many of her constituents as well as the Catholic Church to which she belonged, her positions on other social and foreign policy issues were in alignment with the district.
For her six years in Congress, Ferraro had an average 78 percent "Liberal Quotient" from Americans for Democratic Action and an average 8 percent rating from the American Conservative Union (woohoo). The AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education gave her an average approval rating of 91 percent.

On now onto someone who's not even good enough to be considered the other side of the coin. Here's a view from "main street" in India on Sarah Palin and her recent visit to their country. Most weren't impressed.  The one guy who "heard she's really smart" made me laugh...a young guy...go figure!  Here's the thing that is somewhat worrisome.  She is masquerading around the world as an American diplomat.  She's an embarrassment to this country and should be treated as such. No wonder the rest of the world looks at us as idiots.  Bush got a second term and this bimbo's running around the globe talking out of her ass.  I do wonder who is paying for this trip, because you know she's not.  The Palin's are frauds.

Friday, March 25, 2011

There's Not a President #46 in This Group

Here's some of the brilliance we witnessed this week from the right wing. These are the "stars" of the party. How can anyone in their "correct" mind vote for any of these narcissistic crackpots? While I still think they're going to roll out Jeb Bush when they get serious, this is the lot we've seen so far. I have some great friends who I adore, who think the country isn't dumb enough to vote for another Bush. They are such hopeful people --- always seeing the glass half full. Bless their hearts. They forget that we live in a country where people stand in front of a microwave oven screaming, "HURRY!" Me on the other hand? The glass fell over. You can never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.
Just sayin...

Newt for President!

Palin for President!

Bachmann for President!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

He's Back! Olbermann Returns With Special Comment

Even though Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced earlier today that the United States is taking the next step in military operations against Libya by transferring command and control of the no-fly zone to NATO, I wanted to share this video from the
FOK News Channel from yesterday. Granted, it's not the same as Countdown, but it's great to have his voice back. His new show on Current TV is scheduled to start late spring.

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment: 03/23/11

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOP Actions Speak Louder Than Rhetoric

The GOP won in landslide fashion last November by running on job creation, effectively blaming the Democrats for the sluggish economy (how quickly voters forgot Bush) and how they'll fix the budget. Guess what? All they've done so far is strip abortion rights, bust unions, give tax cut bonuses to the wealthiest and defund programs for the middle-class. Jobs, shnobs say the right wing regressives. We win, you lose! Ha ha suckers!!!

In the latest chapter of Republican oppression of womens reproductive rights; women who want an abortion in South Dakota will face the longest waiting period in the nation – three days – and will have to undergo counseling by anti-abortion amateurs at pregnancy clinics that discourage abortions. The measure was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Dennis Daugaard. Didn't the right wing also complain that the new health care reform bill was going to allow the government to get in between a patient and their doctor? How is this not doing that exact thing. Imagine the outrage in any of these red states if someone proposed a three day wait to get a gun and take a mandatory gun safety course? All hell would break loose.

Instead of spending so much energy preventing abortion, maybe Republicans should focus on helping prevent pregnancies. FACT: Abstinence does not work. FACT: Education about sexuality does. Meanwhile they try to defund Planned Parenthood who assists in contraception. The truth of the matter is the GOP wants every woman possible, pregnant for their own antiquated reasons. The GOP believes women are brood mares and nothing more and their two month reign as House majority and capturing many governorships has proved that.

I really hope American women and secure men are waking up to this radical agenda. These radicals are the result of what happens when you don't exercise your right to vote. This is also an example of how much your vote counts. I know several women who would personally never consider the procedure, but don't feel it's their place to make the call for someone else. That's why it's called "choice." Don't get fooled again.

Rachel Maddow, as usual, explains it like no one else can:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CNN Has Finally Figured It Out...Fox Lies

After lusting for Faux Newz ratings for years, thereby turning itself into Faux-lite, CNN has figured out Faux LIES. Of course, they only report it now because they were involved. Did they think that by imitating their heroes, Fauz would play nice? Nic Robertson of CNN slammed Fox News for suggesting that he and other reporters were used as human shields by the Libyan government. Well, better late than never...

Here's the report by Fox News' Jennifer Griffin,that Robertson is talking about.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It Was a Wild Weekend!

Here's a few items that caught my eye today...

In an interview with India Today's Editor-in-Chief, Aroon Purie, on Saturday, Politico reports that Palin suggested then-candidate Barack Obama effectively executed his campaign message as running on the platform of "change." After it was pointed out to the serial quitter that she too could have constructed her public image in a similar way, she replied, "I wasn't at the top of the ticket, remember?"
ZING!!! - Take that John McCain and by the way, thanks again for unleashing the Abominable Snowbitch on the other 49 states.

In another cut designed to eradicate the poor, the GOP's 2011 budget would chop $156 million from the Centers for Disease Control's funding for immunization and respiratory diseases. The GOP reductions will hit the CDC's support for state and local immunization programs, the agency's ability to evaluate which vaccines are working, and its work to educate the public about recommended vaccines for children, teenagers, and other susceptible populations. The CDC especially focuses on serving lower-income families who receive vaccines at state and local health offices and community health clinics, rather than a private doctor's office.
How is it this party has hijacked and effectively sold terms like "real" America, compassion, values, etc... to millions of people? These people have none of that. AND Jesus was a liberal. He believed in social justice, helping the poor, taking care of the sick and preached that rich men would not go to heaven --- I'm just sayin'...

With the Libya strike to knock out Gaddafi's surface to air ability Saturday, the Republicans didn't have time to get together to get their stories straight on the line of attack. The party that just LOVES military aggression as long as a white Republican is making the decisions are all of a sudden confused. Heck, they love military might, but they hate the idea of backing the exotic dark guy. So many of them pulled out the tried and true right wing playbook...code words with mixed messages. He dithered, he didn't try negotiation long enough, he looks weak, he looks like a bully, he should conduct business as usual, he's on vacation (he's not), etc... No matter what he does, they attack, whether they agree or not. The Republicans care nothing about the country, they're power hungry animals playing politics 24/7. Maybe they want us to to forget this little gem that Senator McCain uttered in 2009:
John McCain Praises Libyan Leader Gaddafi
On a personal level, I'm uneasy about this latest U.S. military action. However, I think trying to stop a dictator from performing genocide on civilians is at least moral thinking. That said, given our already senseless involvement in other middle east countries, I don't see how this ends well for us.

When Florida Governor Rick Scott took to the mound on Saturday at a pre-season game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, many in the crowd made clear they were no fans of the Republican lawmaker.
When a state votes for someone with his record, their collective IQ really must be questioned. Scott "was forced to resign as the head of Columbia/HCA, a health care company, that pled guilty to massive amounts of systematic fraud, including 14 felonies, leading to a historic $1.7 billion fine." He only won the governorship by a paltry 1.2%, but he's behaving as though he has a mandate, all these new Republican governors are. I think the strategy is, they know their radical agenda won't get them re-elected, but they'll do as much damage as possible meanwhile. They'll then move on to lucrative lobbying jobs.

In brighter Florida baseball news...Rays manager Joe Maddon summoned security to remove a fan – wearing an Orioles jersey – who he said was yelling racist comments at CF B.J. Upton in the dugout during Sunday’s game at Charlotte Sports Park. “He said something racial and I didn’t like it,’’ Maddon said. “He can say whatever he wants, but don’t go there. And I didn’t want B.J. to go up into the stands or do anything at that point. So I just wanted to make sure he was taken out of there. There is no room for that at all.’’ Very nice Joe. That's the way to handle these buffoons. Although Rush Limpballs probably went on a rant today as to how this action infringed on the racist loudmouth's First Amendment Rights. birds-of-a-feather, y'know...

And That's How You Handle a Bully!

Casey Heynes has gotten the world’s attention with the video of him standing up to a bully and laying down quite a smackdown. One news show in Australia went right to Casey to get his inspirational story. He explained how a lifetime of bullying about his weight had taken it's toll and he snapped. Honestly, any of us who were ever picked on about anything smiled upon seeing this video!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

R.I.P. Knut: 12/05/2006 - 03/19/2011

I share this sad story as I remember how taken I was with Knut a few years ago. The cuddly baby polar bear first pawed his way to attention in 2006, when his mom rejected him days after his birth at the Berlin Zoo and a very kind man took care of him. In the years that followed, he inspired fan clubs and Facebook groups. He even made the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Sadly, he died unexpectedly at the Berlin Zoo Saturday, in front of hundreds of visitors.

Heiner Kloes, his keeper at the zoo said, Knut was alone in an outdoor enclosure. He shared the space with three other bears, including his mother Tosca, all of whom were inside at the time -- when he "strolled around the enclosure, went into the water, had a short spasm and died." For polar bears in the wild, the first real hurdle is birth, and some animals continue to struggle in their first year or two of life. But, at 4, Knut would have been like an 18-year-old human, Ewins said. This was a total shock and completely unexpected.

Knut's human "dad," Thomas Doerflein,44, died in 2008 of a heart attack. He named the cub and nurtured him with incredible devotion. For months he kept the little bear alive by bottle-feeding him milk before weaning him on to porridge. The keeper slept on a mattress beside little Knut and soothed him by playing Elvis Presley songs on his guitar. But as Knut grew, management at the zoo became concerned for Thomas's safety and he was banned from his enclosure. The twice-daily Thomas and Knut shows, where he playfully wrestled with the young bear, were halted, leaving Thomas and his animal chum desolate. After that, Knut howled when he caught Thomas's scent after the keeper had been ordered to stay away from him, and was declared a "psychopath" by zoologist Peter Arras because he was addicted to human attention. People don't think animals feel real emotion? Let's see, his real mom didn't want him, and his human dad was taken away. I don't know what conclusions will be drawn after his autopsy, but I'll put my money on Knut died of a broken heart...perhaps they both did. This story really breaks my heart.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

GOP Pushing For IRS Abortion Audits - Seriously

The GOP war on women is getting worse everyday. We now have a bill, that could subject survivors of rape and incest to audits by the Internal Revenue Service, if they choose abortion. Here's how this attack on women would work. The bill, H.R.3, could forbid using tax benefits -- like credits or deductions -- to pay for abortion or health insurance that includes abortion coverage. If a woman who claimed a tax benefit for an abortion service were to be audited, she would have to provide proof that her abortion fell under the rape or incest exception. According to a tax expert, if this bill becomes law, the IRS would have to enforce it. NARAL Pro-Choice America says, "Not only would a woman have to describe her sexual assault to the police, but she could then be forced to relive that horrifying experience with an agent from the IRS." Even more outrageously, the burden of proof would be on the woman to show that her assault was valid. Keep your receipts ladies.

This nonsense gets more outrageous and insulting by the day. Why has a legal medical procedure become fodder in a country that is supposed to separate church and state? Why is there not an outcry across this nation by self-respecting women and progressive men? Are we really that Foxed up? Here's another idea to go hand-in-hand. Every man who uses Viagra or any other ED medication must submit a sample to be stored in a bank for identification. If it is determined that the sample was likely involved in an unintended pregnancy, he would have to prove that he used all precautions necessary to prevent that pregnancy. If he can not prove he used all necessary precautions, any and all tax refunds for the next 18 years go to Planned Parenthood. How does that sound guys?

I have to say, I'm extremely distressed that women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann who believe in subservience have become icons to many women in this country. They are taking us back to the Phyllis Schlafly time machine where women did what the male controlled society expected them to do. It's a very scary time for young women in this country. I just can't get my head around the notion of looking up to these women who think that looking good for the "men-folk" is good enough to get them by. Why are women like Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz mocked as less than ideal women? They are actual success stories! I remember when Palin first burst on the scene and watching how some guys were looking at her, talking about her; while they were picturing her as the "dirty librarian who's going to give him a spanking." Meanwhile, conservative women bought the great mom/successful career woman spiel, never mind that her teenage daughter got knocked up under her own roof. These people vote! They couldn't care less that their so-called attractive (very subjective) female and just-like-me (maybe as stupid, not wealth) candidates can't tell the difference between North and South Korea or New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The men care about watching them on the TV machine and fantasizing about what they would do to them if they got them alone and the women think about having coffee and discussing the kids.
Please read more at: Mother Jones: GOP Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits


Friday, March 18, 2011

Elderly Man Stoned to Death For Being Gay, In the USA

John Joe Thomas, a 28 year-old Philadelphia-area man admitted he stoned to death 70 year-old Murray Joseph Seidman because the Bible says to stone homosexuals. He told police, ”I stoned Murray with a rock in a sock,” because he had read in the Bible that gays should be stoned. No one knows with certainty if Seidman was gay, but Thomas thought he was. Think about that. Someone suspected of being gay is being stoned to death in America in 2011. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “The young man and Seidman were often seen together grocery shopping and going to church,” and “He then described how he placed batteries and rocks in a sock, and hit Seidman in the head at least 10 times.” Yes, the article makes it clear that money may have also been a factor since Seidman had befriended him and made him executor and sole beneficiary of his will. However, Thomas own statements are very damning. But yeah...let's just focus on radical Islamists and look the other way for the wacko Christians, who far outnumber them in this country.

Full story and video here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teapublicans Call Emergency Session to Defund NPR

In my opinion, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is a true up-and-comer in the Democratic Party. His biting sarcasm of the stupidity of Republican causes and the courage to not stand down gives me hope for Democrats moving forward. Here he takes Republicans to task for calling an emergency session to defund NPR, based on creepy fright-wing, Allen Funt wannabe, James O'Keefe's heavily edited video. Even Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze said NPR representative Ron Schiller did nothing controversial, but the video was edited so heavily, it made him look guilty of saying things he never said, nor implied. If even Beck's website called him out, you know it's bad. Faux Newz as a whole, on the other hand are probably having orgy.
We need more like Weiner and fewer like Evan Bayh (D-IN) who vacated his senate office last year because Washington "had became too partisan" --- so he joined "fair and balanced"
Faux Newz. I'm not kidding.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heroes Defending Social Security

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced legislation Tuesday that would safeguard Social Security, the most successful and reliable federal program in our nation's history. Sanders' legislation would require Congress to muster extraordinary majorities if it intended to approve any reduction in Social Security benefits. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will introduce the legislation in the House.

Sen. Sanders was joined by U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD), Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), along with Rep. Weiner at a Capitol Hill press conference yesterday to rally support for Sanders' proposal to protect Social Security. Here stands some of the few US politicians that aren't bought. This group demonstrates why we need campaign finance reform. We need more politicians who listen to the people, like these heroes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Michigan Governor Will Impose Financial Marshall Law

I've been dedicating a fair amout of time in my support of the Wisconsin Democrats and the protestors fighting for the middle-class as Governor Walker makes good on his behind the door promises to David Koch, but what's going on in Michigan is actually worse.

Michigan Republicans led by their new Governor Rick Snyder, another Koch-sucker, are on the verge of approving a bill that would enable the governor to appoint emergency managers. Under the new law, the governor could declare "financial emergency" in towns/cities or school districts. He would then appoint a manager to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, eliminate services - and even eliminate those cities or school districts without any public input. An amendment to require emergency managers to hold monthly public meetings to let people know how they are governing was rejected by Senate Republicans, along with proposals to cap emergency manager compensation and require that those appointed to run school districts have some background in education. The measure passed in the state Senate this week and the House passed its own version earlier. The two versions of the bill are expected to be reconciled soon, and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has said he will sign the bill into law. Good-bye democracy. This law will give this Republican administration in Michigan the right to overturn the will of the people by tossing their elected officials out and moving their people in. These guys aren't even hiding the fact that they're trying to destroy the Democratic Party and lead us into a facist dictatorship.

merriam-webster defines fascism as:
often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

I think what bothers me the most is that right wing media has turned right vs left into a football game. There is no such thing as a liberal media when our entire media is owned by 5 large multi-national corporations. And please spare me the nonsense that MSNBC is Faux News polar opposite. The liberal hosts collectively get the same air time as former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough's daily 3 hour morning gig. The fact that the rest of their line-up isn't comprised of flat-earthers doesn't make them liberal. The right wing is winning, they know they are, and the dummies that listen to their propaganda cheer as Faux has three times more viewers and gleefully hope for the demise of MSNBC's liberal shows, instead of worrying about a one-party system. They don't want another point of view heard, because after listening to propaganda for years, they might start to realize they are pawns to the rich and powerful. 30 years and nothing has trickled down, yet still they believe.

Please click the following link and read May 1933: Hitler Abolishes Unions.
Parallels? Yep! But our electorate doesn't believe it can happen here, even though it's already in progress. I honestly don't know what they need as a wake-up call.

Rachel Maddow covered this disturbing Michigan story with it's true implications last Wednesday. It is becoming obvious that she's our only media personality covering the sneaky tactics the right wing has been using. Ever since their victories last November, the new Republican governors are acting like Kings and the new Republican congress doesn't believe the minority has rights, unlike the wimps in the Democratic Party for Obama's first two years. Actually, I'm not being fair to the House Dems, they did their job, it was the Senate Dems that capitulated at every turn on every topic...even with a strong majority.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) Continues To Impress

When former NY Governor David Paterson appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat when Mrs. Clinton became Secretary of State; I was pretty worried. Rumors reported Gillibrand to be a gun lovin' DINO that liberals would despise. They were wrong. Despite her NRA support, she has actually proven to be more liberal than her predecessor in that seat. She not only not supports a woman's right to choose, she supports same-sex marriage, something Clinton did not. I'm providing a link below where you can check her positions on any topic. In this video, Senator Gillibrand urges women to get involved because decisions are made every day that affect them, yet only 17% of the members of Congress are women. And let's not kid ourselves, many of them are right wing kooks, like Michele Bachmann and Virginia Foxx who gleefully send womens rights backwards to appeal to their far right, white male base. Since Gillibrand won her re-election fairly easily last November, I hope she's on the way to a long successful careeer in the Senate. Imagine her or Barbara Boxer as Senate leader instead of Harry Reid.
A girl can dream...
Kirsten Gillibrand On The Issues

More video here: New ways to Lead

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand by Chris Hedges

I wanted to share this interesting article by Chris Hedges via COMMON DREAMS.ORG.
Plus I found a photo of an 1883 painting (artist unknown) from The Granger Collection depicting the unequal nature of a contest between capitalistic monopolies and labor.
This is why unions are so important to all of us.

Chris Hedges writes a regular column for Hedges graduated from Harvard Divinity School and was for nearly two decades a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. He is the author of many books, including: War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning, What Every Person Should Know About War, and American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. His most recent book is Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rockin' in a Free Wisconsin - For Now

We have to stick with these folks. Our democracy, our middle-class and our freedom are at stake. Tomorrow Faux Newz will report a few hundred union thugs showed up, but we will know better. Please don't forget about this fight, it's not just theirs, it belongs to all of us. If we let the plutocrats pacify us with iPhones and PS3's, we all lose.

Crowds of nearly 200,000 (according to some reports) surround the Capitol in Madison, WI yesterday (3/12/11). People of all ages predominately from all over Wisconsin protested the current Budget Repair Bill. The "Fab 14" Senators were on hand, as well as the Democratic Assembly who are seen addressing the audience. The video was shot from a lift on the Capitol steps as well as across the street. Filmed by Jim A. Jorstad

Susan Sarandon speaks in solidarity with the public employees and unions of Wisconsin in a rally on March 12, 2011.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

85K-100K Wisconsinites Flood the Capital

03/12/11 - This is so awesome! I love the working class of Wisconsin. They are what democracy is about. After their corporate owned Governor stripped them of their collective bargaining rights after a three week battle, they remain focused. Madison Police estimated the crowd at 85,000 to 100,000 people — along with 50 tractors and one donkey — by late afternoon. No one was arrested. Did you hear that Faux Newz? The 14 state Senators who fled the state have returned and have been treated as heroes, which they are. While thanking their supporters, they promised to shift their energies toward recall drives already under way against eight of their GOP colleagues. If only the national Democrats would show the same resolve. Harry Reid is already caving to the Rethuglikkklans on the budget. Part of me wishes this guy lost in November so we'd have a new Senate leader. I can't believe he was a boxer, or maybe I can and his brain is damaged.

What saddens me is only MSNBC will cover this awesome event. And it's not just because of the Japan disaster. The lack of coverage for this true grass roots movement has been startling. If 10 teabaggers showed up in a liberal state like Massachusetts, the national media was acting as though Jesus returned. The Tea Party is not a grass roots movement. It's been funded by right wing billionaires who managed to get the dumbest among us to do their bidding. The newly awakened labor movement is really what grass roots is - the power of the people. Our corporate owned media will hide that as much as possible while propping up the most racist, ignorant voters in our electorate as "real America," and I'm sick of it.

I love the WI palm trees - Thanks Faux Newz!

Grass roots!

Is Bachmann Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

OH...MY...GOD! Does the GOP really think Michele Bachmann is a credible candidate? Really, do they? A few weeks ago she mentioned how our slave owning founders worked tirelessly to end slavery (they were dead for decades before it happened), but get this --- Today she told NH 'baggers that New Hampshire is the state where "the shot was heard around the world." and the where Pilgrims landed - Plymouth Rock!
“What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love for liberty,” the potential GOP presidential candidate said. “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord. And you put a marker in the ground and paid with the blood of your ancestors the very first price that had to be paid to make this the most magnificent nation that has ever arisen in the annals of man in 5,000 years of recorded history.” [...]

“I’m thankful that you are the first in the nation state because you are the liberty state,” Bachmann said. “That is your charge. You keep that baton of liberty. You’ve done it very well for almost 20 generations from the time the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, and I’m sure the very first one came up to New Hampshire and said, ‘This is where I want to be.’”
More from: Think Progress

Hey Michele, I know all those teeny weeny itsy bitsy little states in New England seem the same to you, but uh .. it was MASSACHUSETTS where those things happened. There's 13 miles of coastline in New Hampshire. Are you and Sarah Palin sharing a map? When that idiot visited NH, she said it was great to be in the "Great Northwest." Palin in NH
These are the women the Republican Party looks to as intelligent leaders. Yikes!

Maddow Again Goes Where Others Won't

As I lamented yesterday on how the media will not cover the arrests of right wing American terrorists, I should've made a footnote on the always reliable Rachel Maddow. Last night, she took a break from the unfolding Japan disaster to give us an update on both stories that I had mentioned. If not for her, I wouldn't have even known about the bomb that had been planted along the MLK Parade route in Spokane, Washington in February. While she views the world through a liberal lens, and that upsets conservatives, she is what a person reporting news should be, intelligent, diligent, and a fact-checker covering stories from all angles. David Gregory, the current host of Meet the Press should be taking notes and watching how it's done instead of turning his Sunday morning show into Meet the Republicans.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rep. Keith Ellison Testifying at Rep. Peter "McCarthy" King's Witch Hunt

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has brought back a two-thousandsies form of McCarthyism. Instead of checking under your beds for communists, you should be looking for Muslims. Since McCarthyism is known as the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without any regard for evidence, I would say these hearings on "radical" Muslim Americans fits nicely into that description. I wonder when the hearing's are going to start on "radical" Christians? They kill doctors who perform abortions, they shoot up gay friendly churches, they blow up government buildings, they form militia groups intent on overthrowing the government, etc...

I wanted to share this video (03-10-11) of a very emotional Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), (our first Muslim-American congressman) describing a young Muslim-American hero who was killed on 9/11, and was wrongly assumed to be part of the terrorist group based on the identification of his remains. Mohammed Salman Hamdani, was a 23-year-old firefighter who was extremely proud to be an American and gave it all for the country he loved.

Friday, March 11, 2011

In Case You Missed Todays Right Wingnuttery

Texas state Rep. Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound) has proposed a bill to ban almost all abortions unless there is a substantial risk to the woman's life or a major body function. No exemptions for rape, incest or mental health. Once again dragging womens rights backwards. How can any woman vote for men taking their basic rights away? Mother Jones

NH GOP Senator Martin Harty told Sharon Omand, a Strafford resident who manages a community mental health program, that the disabled and mentally ill are ‘defective people’ that should be shipped off to Siberia. Harty said nature has a way of “getting rid of stupid people." Hopefully that means Republicans/Conservatives will become extinct.
Think Progress

In Sarah Palin's Alaska, five members and associates of a Fairbanks, Alaska, right-wing militia group were arrested yesterday for allegedly plotting to kidnap or kill Alaska State Troopers and a Fairbanks judge. So how much coverage do you think this will get? I'm guessing none. Faux Newz definitely won't touch it, and with the possible exception of MSNBC, I'll bet the rest don't bite either. However, they were all over the edited ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Planned Parenthood and NPR videos. Liberal media my ass. Anchorage Press.

White supremist, Kevin William Harpham, a former member of the US Army who was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA between 1996-1999 was arrested Wednesday and charged with planting a backpack bomb along the route of a Spokane, WA Martin Luther King Day parade in January. Evidently, he was a fan of Timothy McVeigh. There are reports on Harpham's apparent postings on the anti-semitic Vanguard News and that he is a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance although they deny he is currently a member. Faux Newz won't be covering this one either. Seattle Times

Rush Limbaugh wondered if environmentalists will "cheer" the earthquake in Japan, since the quake and subsequent tsunami hit the region of the country that thrives on car manufacturing. This fat bastard should be removed from the air. The only group that ever cheers disasters are right wing douche bags like him. How can anyone listen to this creepy Archie Bunker look-alike? Media Matters Minute

8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Japan

Japan was devastated today by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which places it in the top five ever recorded, and the largest ever in Japan. There were reports of 30 foot tall waves and fears that more than a thousand are dead. Cars and boats were thrown around like match box toys. There's a cruise ship and a train missing. Even worse, there's an emergency at a nuclear power plant with radiation 1000 times higher than normal. People are being ordered to evacuate. The videos are akin to watching a disaster movie such as 2012. I've never seen anything like it.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gang Rape in Texas = Boys Will Be Boys

As angry as I am about what's going on in this country to destroy the middle-class with Faux Newz faithful sheep blindly following, I have to comment on this story from yesterday. An 11 year old girl was gang raped in Cleveland, Texas by 18 guys, and a NY Times article basically blamed the victim while heaping sympathy onto her attackers. A local resident commented how, “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.” The boys? Seriously? The boys have to live with this for the rest of their lives, but an 11 year old girl doesn't? 18 boys and men, ranging in age "from middle schoolers to a 27-year-old," are sympathetic victims? Oh, but hey a couple of them were on the basketball team so, you know... Here's the best part --- it was recorded and another student blew the whistle. And get this; Residents said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground." See, it was HER fault!  So I ask; At what age is rape appropriate?

Maybe these things sometimes happen because there are boys and men who learn from a culture of male superiority. They thrive in a culture that enables assaults against women and girls without responsibility because of a perception that the woman or girl actually "wanted it" or "it ain't no big deal." An assault of a girl is not an aberration­, not an exception. Sexual assault is all too common. Rape of women and girls are a blight on this country, not to just other countries. We act as though we're above it all. The privilege and entitlemen­t that some men (not most) feel is that they have permission to act upon their own desires when it comes to women's bodies, and they are woven thoroughly into America's social and cultural fabric. Look at our advertisin­g, our television shows, our music, our magazines, our movies, etc... Everywhere we look, women and girls are sexualized­, objectifie­d and available. No means no, unless you're a woman (evidently) in a precarious position with a man who has the mindset of "men have needs." This story is thoroughly nauseating. Do you think this young lady will ever have a normal relationship with a man as she grows up? Yet her local community and the NYT view the attacker's as the victim's. What has happened to our empathy for victims?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shame Felt As Koch's Republican Puppets in WI Thwart Democracy

So wacky Wednesday got even worse after my initial post...

A visibly upset Michael Moore appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show this evening, shortly after news broke that the Wisconsin Republicans pulled a stunt to remove collective bargaining from the budget bill, so they wouldn’t need a quorum to vote on it. The bill passed 18-1. It’s amazing how they argued all along that this was all about the budget, suddenly it’s not? Moore states in no uncertain terms that this is a class war that's been leveled against the working people of this country. The polls clearly show that the people are against this loss of bargaining rights. And wait until you see the manner in which they went about it!

The outrage felt throughout Wisconsin and to anyone concerned about the working class in this country has reached a level not seen in my lifetime. I hope this rage and anger at the Republicans who are trying to turn our country into a fascist dictatorship stay with us into November 2012. Elections DO have consequences so for anyone who stayed home this past November and is bitching now, stop it. Donate to your Democratic representatives and get off your ass in 2012 so we can try and right the ship!

I’m proud of Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz for standing shoulder to shoulder with the working class of America. Yes, they may all do very well financially at this point in their lives, but they have not forgotten their humble roots and dare I say, they have empathy.

Wild Wednesday in Right Wing World

It was a big day in right wing world for all of you who may have missed these gems.

1.   Wisconsin GOP State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI), admits that the goal is to defund labor unions to hurt Obama's re-election chances! A couple weeks ago, a prank call from a man impersonating billionaire David Koch called Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and during the call, SW revealed that he had crafted his “budget repair” bill in a bid to crush the labor unions. The revelation was at odds at the time with the GOP’s public argument, that removing collective bargaining rights has something to do with the state’s budget deficit. They're not even hiding it anymore!

2.   Right wing lying, video editing, douche bag James O'Keefe punked NPR staffer, Ron Schiller by posing as a phony Muslim advocacy group interested in donating to NPR. At one point in the video, Schiller describes the teabaggers, er Tea Party as "... seriously, seriously racist people," Evidently telling the truth is a bad thing! Previous tapes by O'Keefe have turned out to be misleadingly edited, including the video that launched him to stardom featuring O'Keefe posing as a pimp in front of ACORN offices, so it's kind of amazing anyone takes this guy seriously. Yet today Vivian Schiller (no relation), President And CEO Of NPR resigned.
It should be noted that NPR refused the "donation." The right wing hold on EVERYTHING in this country should frighten people, but the blind will refuse to see the big picture. 
USA Today.

3.   Oh, and Newt Gingrich claims he's a serial adulterer because he's so passionate about his country and worked too hard! Seriously?! Is there anyone dumb enough to vote for this fool.  Washington Monthly

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

America is Not Broke, Just Morally Bankrupt

This video of Michael Moore speaking in Wisconsin on Saturday is about a half hour long, but well worth it. No matter your feelings about him personally, he nailed this! It IS time to take our country back --- from corporate America. He pointed out that America is not broke. He states, "Contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you'll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your great-grandparents had, America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash. It's just that it's not in your hands. It has been transferred, in the greatest heist in history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the uber-rich."

He added, "Today just 400 Americans have the same wealth as half of all Americans combined." Is that not a wake-up call? Or are we really that ignorant collectively? Hey middle-class Republican voters who continue to vote against the middle-class, get over your homophobia and wake up, you will never be part of the elite --- stop voting against our best interests!

Monday, March 7, 2011

GOP War on Women - It's Not Just Me

I wanted to share this article written by Melissa Harris-Perry which I saw on Alternet via The Nation. She has articulately written a fabulous article about the GOP's War on Women...something I've been whining about for weeks. She makes the case that the Tea Party small government claims that ushered them into office in November was just a facade to bring back the culture wars with a new crop of eager regressives excited about putting women "back where they belong". She makes many wonderful points about all the anti-woman legislation and its ultimate goals. She points out how since the inception of the pill, white women are marrying later (if at all) and producing less children, how their education soared and earning potential has improved. She believes the GOP agenda is to make it difficult for women to control their fertility, thereby making it more difficult to compete with their male counterparts for degrees and jobs. Then there's the bonus of more white babies since those brown one's are outnumbering them and the "white power party" can't stand that fact. Can't have that trend continue in 'merika. She expresses that in Republicans’ future America, women will be encouraged to marry younger, to stay in difficult marriages and to rely on the "man of the house". She points out how Theodore Roosevelt thought that the best thing a woman could provide her country, was bearing and raising children. He called a woman who avoided motherhood "a creature who merits contempt as hearty as any visited upon the soldier who runs away in battle." Perry is absolutely correct in her conclusions that the current Republican party feels exactly the same way. Think about the disdain for childless women or women that have a child out of wedlock that the Republicans hurl towards them, even from conservative women (yet ironically excludes Palin's daughter). This is a fight that women must understand and push back on. I hope there's enough women paying attention before it's too late. If they get their way, it will take generations to repair the damage. Our country has already been down this road.

I've given some lowlights, but please read this fabulous well written article:
GOP War on Women: Conservatives Are Intent on Curtailing Our Rights and Freedoms

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're All Going To Hell According To WBC Attorney

As you all know, I despise Faux Newz and deplore all they represent. However the Westboro Baptist Church is even worse than them. This is the group protesting military funerals with their infamous, "God Hates Fags," "God Hates the USA," "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," etc... signs. This week the WBC won a SCOTUS ruling that protected their free speech rights so that they may continue their ludicrous crusade.

This may very well be the only time I'll post any interview from Fox, but for anyone who doesn't know much about this cult, and that is what they are, you've got to listen to this nonsense. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Margie Phelps, the church’s attorney and daughter of founder Rev. Fred Phelps. This crazy apple did not roll far from the tree. She spouted one crazy statement after another, including “the president is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done, and he is most likely the beast spoken of in the Revelation.” Seriously?!

Since it's apparently too late to pray, according to another of their signs; I say party on!

Obama To Play Kissy Face With Republicans Again

"We need to come together, Democrats and Republicans, around a long-term budget that sacrifices wasteful spending without sacrificing the job-creating investments in our future. My administration has already put forward specific cuts that meet congressional Republicans halfway. And I'm prepared to do more." said Obama.

Seriously Barack, grow a set! I'm really tired of this. Bill Clinton called these b*stards bluff 17 years ago...and won. WTF is wrong with you? If you've already met them halfway, but are willing to do more, that means you will go at least three-quarters their way because they won't budge, they never do. I root for this guy, but he continues to do things that make me want to bang me head against a tree. Everytime Republicans set a goal, he moves towards it so they move the goal line further to the right...and he chases it. How many times does Charlie Brown allow Lucy to pull the football away before he kicks grass in her face? I hope to God he doesn't try to use, "Change We Can Believe In" again. Is the 2012 ballot going to look like this? Barack Obama (R), Mitt Romney (I), John Edwards (D),
Ron Paul (C).

The democratic base that put him in office has some basic ideas: Cut the damn military budget! Stop the war machine. That will save billions in a very short period of time. This man's biggest selling point was getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. 50,000 so-called peacekeepers are still in Iraq and he escalated Afghanistan by 40,000 troops. Legislatively, on many fronts, he's been magnificent, but damn it, he could've been a true game-changer. Yet he caved and continues to at nearly every turn. At one time I believed he was playing chess and everyone else was playing checkers. Now I don't even know if he's interested in the game. He seems to just go with the easiest flow. The folks on the right will never accept him, never. My concern about him in 2008 was he didn't have enough D.C. experience. I knew he was a smart guy and I loved his speech at the 2004 DNC. However, his lack of relationships in regard to the arm twisting needed to get anything done has become crystal clear. He should've served at least a full term as Senator before going for the big boy's chair.

I close with my own personal pet peeve: I'm sick and tired of hearing the "shared sacrifice" comments from him and other Democrats. The wealthy and the corporations haven't sacrificed a thing. Where exactly is the sharing? Please read this Reuters article.  Every single cut is coming at the expense of the middle class and the poor. They've since added a $1.7 billion cut to the Social Security Administration.
I feel beat down, disillusioned and depressed about our future. If this guy couldn't deliver, who can?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yee Haw - Texas Wants To Secede...Again

Today was Texas Independence Day with a rally by The Texas Nationalist Movement urging Texans to save the state by seceding from the United States. To which I say, go for it! Where can this Massachusetts resident send money to make it happen? There will be bonus donations if you take David (diaperman) Vitter's Louisiana and Haley (white power) Barber's Mississippi with you. Your re-writing of our nation's history books to suit your ultra conservative agenda was the last straw. Sorry Austin. VP of TNM Lauren Savage says "Texas can take better care of itself than Washington." Then maybe Gov. Rick Perry shouldn't have taken the federal stimulus dollars to attempt to "balance" the budget so all of us in the blue states can pay for Texas backwards thinking policies and their $27B deficit.

Other food for thought? The new and "improved" Texas will have to negotiate their own trade agreements with Mexico, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Texas will need their own military, although most of them probably have more guns than the cops. Still, the United States of America sells the most arms in the world. I wonder if we'll want to sell to the traitors? I suppose Texas would still have all the members of the National Guard, but since they're the United States National Guard, they'll have to give back all those fancy weapons. Not to mention that Texas will lose their military bases, NASA, VA Hospitals, build their own roads, etc.. Go for it Texas!

Sorry RAK, you're my friend, but I'm totally on-board with their idea --- time for you to move home!

Now THIS is Class Warfare

And you thought WI Governor Wanker's (not a typo) only target was stripping collective bargaining, thereby destroying unions (which is bad enough)? This Koch sucker is out of control. In 2009, Wisconsin passed a "contraceptive equity" law that requires health insurance plans in the state that cover prescription drugs to include contraceptives. Proponents argued that the measure was necessary to ensure that commercial health providers, who cover approximately one-third of the state's residents, don't discriminate against women. Walker's budget released this week would repeal the 2009 law. His budget summary called it an "unacceptable government mandate on employers with moral objections to these services," and it "increases the cost of health insurance for all payers." Huh, no mention of banning ED pills as unfair to insurers? Go figure. But it gets worse...

This hopefully short termer, is also proposing the elimination of the Title V Maternal and Child Health program, which receives a mix of federal, state and local funds to provide family planning services. Uninsured men and women can currently receive this care, which includes cervical and prostate cancer screenings, access to birth control and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Walker's budget would also kick uninsured men between the ages of 15 and 44 out of the family planning program of BadgerCare, the state health program that currently provides coverage to tens of thousands of residents who don't receive employer-sponsored care but earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. Currently, men can receive coverage for birth control, cancer screenings and STD testing and treatment. The Title V program's money goes to family planning centers like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin spokeswoman Amanda Harrington argued that more than 50 health centers in the state would be deprived of a total of $4 million once the federal and local funds are included. (Planned Parenthood receives roughly one-quarter of that money.) In many cases, Harrington said, these health centers are the only providers in the area and deliver critical care.

Planned Parenthood is not a new target for Wanker. While campaigning for governor in April, he told the WI Right to Life convention that during his time as a state legislator, he was proud of "trying to defund Planned Parenthood and make sure they didn't have any money, not just for abortion, but any money for anything." What a guy!
Ladies & gentlemen, wake up!!!

So what kind of idiot votes for these guys and screams at the left that WE are creating class warfare? If this isn't class warfare, I'd like to see a better example. I really would. At first, I was was angered about womens reproductive freedoms once again under attack (which they are), but this goes even deeper. This goes after both sexes who are less than affluent. Thirty years of policies blaming victims, culture wars, perpetual wars by our military and the reclaimation of Reagan's shoddy legacy by the right wing, has made us insanely unable to think clearly. HE is the main reason for our ills. He believed people were poor because they chose to be. He was the architect of trickle down economics. That policy always makes me think of that little cartoon character you often see on redneck's vehicles. You know the one, the kid wearing (ex.) a Ford shirt, pissing on a Chevy logo. In my mind, that kid is the top 2% and he's pissing on the middle class --- that's what I see as trickle down.

But as a woman, I would like to question a few other things. What is wrong with Republican women supporting these policies that fright wing men are advancing all over the country? Are they really willing to go backwards to the days of barefoot, pregnant and property? Are they really willing to allow someone else to have control of their most personal decisions? This attack on Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion, this is about contraception for christ sakes. It's about poor women (& men apparently, which I did not know) being able to get check-ups and tests at a nominal cost. What has happened to this country that we have no empathy for anyone who has less? Most of us are closer to being one of them, than a Koch billionaire. Why is the right so protective of the wealthy? Are they so disillusioned that they think they can be obscenely wealthy someday too? Or are they so worried that the two guys next door might be able to get married someday and have the same rights, so in their irrational fear, they vote against their own best interest?

So it appears that what conservative men want, is women to not be able to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies, but they want to have the ability to perform even when little willy's time has passed! Seriously?! This is NOT small government and this is NOT what these deadbeats ran on. I honestly fear for womens rights in this country that were fought so hard for in generations past with these backwards thinking corporate owned neanderthals in power. And gay rights advancing? Forget it. No offense to my liberal, like-minded male friends, but I can't tell you how angry these things make me...or perhaps you can tell!

Full disclosure: I borrowed the Governor Wanker slang from liberal comedian/political talker Stephanie Miller.