Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olbermann: An American Cry for Help

Last evening Keith Olbermann shared his personal experience with a real life "death panel" situation and scorns the unfairness of health insurance in America. Since today is to be the big "Blair House Health Care Summit", I thought I'd share Keith's impassioned plea for our elected officials to fix a very broken system. Don't count on it Keith. By the way, why wasn't Anthony Weiner invited?

Since Republicans got spanked the last time they met with President Obama, they've already set up their defense.

1. Democrats aren't willing to start from scratch Riiight, because that will help.

2. President Obama actually introduced a bill Why doesn't anyone get that Republicans were voted out for a reason?

3. The bill Obama introduced is too short. Seriously? They said other one was too long.

4. The summit is superficial and designed to make Republicans look bad. Well, let's be honest. How hard is that?

5. No governors were invited to the summit -- making it too D.C.-centric. When have governors ever been included?

6. No state legislators were invited to the summit (see above for explanation). When have state legislators ever been included?

7. The summit is taxpayer-funded -- which makes it a waste of money. Kind of like Iraq?

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