Friday, February 12, 2010

Elizabeth Warren, 'The system is deeply badly broken'

Elizabeth Warren, Chairwoman of the Congressional Oversight Committee expresses her shock and disbelief that the financial crisis hasn't forced the government to rewrite the rules for the financial industry. This woman really should have a more central role with this administration. Her eye is always on the ball as she looks out for Main Street unlike Tim Geitner and Larry Summers who only care about keeping Wall Street thriving. Truthfully, Obama has been all over the place politically with this hot potato, and if he doesn't realize making excuses for the ginormous bonuses on Wall Street makes him look like one of them, he's a fool. I'm getting confused as to what he actually stands for. I'm starting to feel as though elections really don't have consequences afterall. A couple weeks ago, after the State of the Union address and his question and answer session with Republicans, I thought the dynamic, no-nonsense Obama was back. Now I'm left wondering who he is again. As Warren says in this video, "I truly don't get it."

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One last thing, I would like to add that I like President Obama. I still root for him. As a NE Patriots fan, it would be nice if I felt like I was rooting for the Patriots to beat the despised Colts instead of just rooting for the less despised Jets to beat the Colts.

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