Saturday, February 6, 2010

CBS = Conservative Bias Syndrome

Friday night, Rachel Maddow ventured down to New Orleans to celebrate the city and their Super Bowl appearance. Melissa Harris-Lacewell, associate professor of politics and African American studies at Princeton University, spoke with Rachel about the interwhining of race, politics and football in New Orleans.

It's great that all these players are doing some great charity work (especially Saints LB Scott Fujita) and I applaud them all...even Manning. However, I want to speak a little about the CBS ad controversy. I would like to know why CBS will not air an ad from, a dating service for gay men (want to make a bet we'll see ads for, but have no problem with hate monger James Dobson's Focus on the Family ads starring former Florida QB and Christian fundamentalist Tim Tebow with his mommy about the evils of abortion. CBS has claimed that they turned down the mancrunch ad because of their policy against advocacy ads yet they're going to allow not just one, but two seperate Tebow ads. Just to keep you informed, in 2004 CBS also turned down an ad by critical of Bush and his war in Iraq. Apparently the Conservative Broadcasting System (got that from Dave Ziren) is ok with advocacy as long as they agree with it. My understanding from a few sources is that the Tebow ad will not only advocate how well it turned out for the Tebow's, it will encourage other women to fulfill high risk pregnancies against a doctor's Mrs. Tebow did.

I'm pretty confident mancrunch knew they wouldn't get the deal and just used the opportunity to generate some publicity, but you do have to ask, why the double standard? Remember the Snickers kiss ad that CBS aired during the 2007 Super Bowl? Two mechanics "accidentally" kiss while scarfing down a candy bar. Evidently an accidental kiss is fine (the haha factor for idiots), but the appearance of two guys that might want to, no, no! I've read a lot of people saying how the Super Bowl is a family show and parents shouldn't have to explain two men whose hands brush against each other reaching for popcorn (seriously). However, they don't seem to have a problem explaining an unwanted pregancy or half dressed women hawking beer?! What would the ad have looked like if Mrs. Tebow's son had turned out to be a Florida Gaytor instead of a Florida Gator? This Christian fundamentalism....with strong focus on the word mental, is destroying the fabric of everything we as a nation once stood for. By the way, there is a commercial for GoDaddy featuring racer Danica Patrick getting pulled over for speeding in a 1973 Mustang by a female patrol officer. I like Danica, but the commercial is pretty racy (forgive the pun). My point? Another double-standard. Danica, you can do better...and I hope the car didn't get scratched.

I will share with you a video segment of Dave Ziren discussing this with Rachel Thursday. As far as who I hope emerges as the Super Bowl winner; Who Dat! Hmmm...the halfime show is The Who. Is that a sign?

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