Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yee Haw - Texas Wants To Secede...Again

Today was Texas Independence Day with a rally by The Texas Nationalist Movement urging Texans to save the state by seceding from the United States. To which I say, go for it! Where can this Massachusetts resident send money to make it happen? There will be bonus donations if you take David (diaperman) Vitter's Louisiana and Haley (white power) Barber's Mississippi with you. Your re-writing of our nation's history books to suit your ultra conservative agenda was the last straw. Sorry Austin. VP of TNM Lauren Savage says "Texas can take better care of itself than Washington." Then maybe Gov. Rick Perry shouldn't have taken the federal stimulus dollars to attempt to "balance" the budget so all of us in the blue states can pay for Texas backwards thinking policies and their $27B deficit.

Other food for thought? The new and "improved" Texas will have to negotiate their own trade agreements with Mexico, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Texas will need their own military, although most of them probably have more guns than the cops. Still, the United States of America sells the most arms in the world. I wonder if we'll want to sell to the traitors? I suppose Texas would still have all the members of the National Guard, but since they're the United States National Guard, they'll have to give back all those fancy weapons. Not to mention that Texas will lose their military bases, NASA, VA Hospitals, build their own roads, etc.. Go for it Texas!

Sorry RAK, you're my friend, but I'm totally on-board with their idea --- time for you to move home!

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