Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shame Felt As Koch's Republican Puppets in WI Thwart Democracy

So wacky Wednesday got even worse after my initial post...

A visibly upset Michael Moore appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show this evening, shortly after news broke that the Wisconsin Republicans pulled a stunt to remove collective bargaining from the budget bill, so they wouldn’t need a quorum to vote on it. The bill passed 18-1. It’s amazing how they argued all along that this was all about the budget, suddenly it’s not? Moore states in no uncertain terms that this is a class war that's been leveled against the working people of this country. The polls clearly show that the people are against this loss of bargaining rights. And wait until you see the manner in which they went about it!

The outrage felt throughout Wisconsin and to anyone concerned about the working class in this country has reached a level not seen in my lifetime. I hope this rage and anger at the Republicans who are trying to turn our country into a fascist dictatorship stay with us into November 2012. Elections DO have consequences so for anyone who stayed home this past November and is bitching now, stop it. Donate to your Democratic representatives and get off your ass in 2012 so we can try and right the ship!

I’m proud of Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz for standing shoulder to shoulder with the working class of America. Yes, they may all do very well financially at this point in their lives, but they have not forgotten their humble roots and dare I say, they have empathy.

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