Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOP Actions Speak Louder Than Rhetoric

The GOP won in landslide fashion last November by running on job creation, effectively blaming the Democrats for the sluggish economy (how quickly voters forgot Bush) and how they'll fix the budget. Guess what? All they've done so far is strip abortion rights, bust unions, give tax cut bonuses to the wealthiest and defund programs for the middle-class. Jobs, shnobs say the right wing regressives. We win, you lose! Ha ha suckers!!!

In the latest chapter of Republican oppression of womens reproductive rights; women who want an abortion in South Dakota will face the longest waiting period in the nation – three days – and will have to undergo counseling by anti-abortion amateurs at pregnancy clinics that discourage abortions. The measure was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Dennis Daugaard. Didn't the right wing also complain that the new health care reform bill was going to allow the government to get in between a patient and their doctor? How is this not doing that exact thing. Imagine the outrage in any of these red states if someone proposed a three day wait to get a gun and take a mandatory gun safety course? All hell would break loose.

Instead of spending so much energy preventing abortion, maybe Republicans should focus on helping prevent pregnancies. FACT: Abstinence does not work. FACT: Education about sexuality does. Meanwhile they try to defund Planned Parenthood who assists in contraception. The truth of the matter is the GOP wants every woman possible, pregnant for their own antiquated reasons. The GOP believes women are brood mares and nothing more and their two month reign as House majority and capturing many governorships has proved that.

I really hope American women and secure men are waking up to this radical agenda. These radicals are the result of what happens when you don't exercise your right to vote. This is also an example of how much your vote counts. I know several women who would personally never consider the procedure, but don't feel it's their place to make the call for someone else. That's why it's called "choice." Don't get fooled again.

Rachel Maddow, as usual, explains it like no one else can:

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