Monday, March 14, 2011

Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) Continues To Impress

When former NY Governor David Paterson appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat when Mrs. Clinton became Secretary of State; I was pretty worried. Rumors reported Gillibrand to be a gun lovin' DINO that liberals would despise. They were wrong. Despite her NRA support, she has actually proven to be more liberal than her predecessor in that seat. She not only not supports a woman's right to choose, she supports same-sex marriage, something Clinton did not. I'm providing a link below where you can check her positions on any topic. In this video, Senator Gillibrand urges women to get involved because decisions are made every day that affect them, yet only 17% of the members of Congress are women. And let's not kid ourselves, many of them are right wing kooks, like Michele Bachmann and Virginia Foxx who gleefully send womens rights backwards to appeal to their far right, white male base. Since Gillibrand won her re-election fairly easily last November, I hope she's on the way to a long successful careeer in the Senate. Imagine her or Barbara Boxer as Senate leader instead of Harry Reid.
A girl can dream...
Kirsten Gillibrand On The Issues

More video here: New ways to Lead

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