Saturday, March 12, 2011

85K-100K Wisconsinites Flood the Capital

03/12/11 - This is so awesome! I love the working class of Wisconsin. They are what democracy is about. After their corporate owned Governor stripped them of their collective bargaining rights after a three week battle, they remain focused. Madison Police estimated the crowd at 85,000 to 100,000 people — along with 50 tractors and one donkey — by late afternoon. No one was arrested. Did you hear that Faux Newz? The 14 state Senators who fled the state have returned and have been treated as heroes, which they are. While thanking their supporters, they promised to shift their energies toward recall drives already under way against eight of their GOP colleagues. If only the national Democrats would show the same resolve. Harry Reid is already caving to the Rethuglikkklans on the budget. Part of me wishes this guy lost in November so we'd have a new Senate leader. I can't believe he was a boxer, or maybe I can and his brain is damaged.

What saddens me is only MSNBC will cover this awesome event. And it's not just because of the Japan disaster. The lack of coverage for this true grass roots movement has been startling. If 10 teabaggers showed up in a liberal state like Massachusetts, the national media was acting as though Jesus returned. The Tea Party is not a grass roots movement. It's been funded by right wing billionaires who managed to get the dumbest among us to do their bidding. The newly awakened labor movement is really what grass roots is - the power of the people. Our corporate owned media will hide that as much as possible while propping up the most racist, ignorant voters in our electorate as "real America," and I'm sick of it.

I love the WI palm trees - Thanks Faux Newz!

Grass roots!

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