Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maddow Encourages Democrats To Read the Polls and Find a Spine

One of the many things that sets Rachel Maddow apart from the rest of the political commentators is the fact that she holds strong, smart opinions, while managing to be nice about it. Rachel began Wednesday's show by listing some polling results, like a surtax on millionaires, ending Bush tax cuts, subsidies for oil companies, and allowing public unions to collectively bargain. She pointed out that, in that recent poll, Americans supported all of them at levels usually reserved for questions like “Are puppies cute?” Guess what? Those are all liberal policy ideas by today's standards! She then wondered why many more Americans identify themselves as conservative, rather than liberal. Rachel, wonder no more. The corporate owned right wing media has effectively made the word liberal a dirty word to be equated with anti-American, hippie, communist, marxist, etc...

That is the only reason to explain why the same people who favor taxing millionaires by 81%, ending Big Oil’s corporate welfare by 74%, ending the Bush tax cuts by 68% and leaving collective bargaining alone at 77% just overwhelmingly voted for people who will never do any of that. In fact, they voted for people who campaigned on never doing any of that, with their big goal to destroy so-called entitlements. Never mind that we paid for those entitlements. Heck she didn't even put up the overwhelming polls about protecting Social Security and Medicare. While Rachel is too kind to say it, here's the truth, Americans are idiots. They're more concerned with the thought of her getting married; or a woman making her own reproductive decisions; or being able to have a weapon arsenal in their basement; or a mosque being built anywhere; or immigration because the Mexicans are getting all those highly sought after, great paying, cabbage picking jobs. People have been voting against their best interest for the better part of 30 years thanks to the right wing's successful divide and conquer strategy. Enjoy Rachel's video, I'm going to go listen to Green Day's American Idiot.

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