Monday, March 7, 2011

GOP War on Women - It's Not Just Me

I wanted to share this article written by Melissa Harris-Perry which I saw on Alternet via The Nation. She has articulately written a fabulous article about the GOP's War on Women...something I've been whining about for weeks. She makes the case that the Tea Party small government claims that ushered them into office in November was just a facade to bring back the culture wars with a new crop of eager regressives excited about putting women "back where they belong". She makes many wonderful points about all the anti-woman legislation and its ultimate goals. She points out how since the inception of the pill, white women are marrying later (if at all) and producing less children, how their education soared and earning potential has improved. She believes the GOP agenda is to make it difficult for women to control their fertility, thereby making it more difficult to compete with their male counterparts for degrees and jobs. Then there's the bonus of more white babies since those brown one's are outnumbering them and the "white power party" can't stand that fact. Can't have that trend continue in 'merika. She expresses that in Republicans’ future America, women will be encouraged to marry younger, to stay in difficult marriages and to rely on the "man of the house". She points out how Theodore Roosevelt thought that the best thing a woman could provide her country, was bearing and raising children. He called a woman who avoided motherhood "a creature who merits contempt as hearty as any visited upon the soldier who runs away in battle." Perry is absolutely correct in her conclusions that the current Republican party feels exactly the same way. Think about the disdain for childless women or women that have a child out of wedlock that the Republicans hurl towards them, even from conservative women (yet ironically excludes Palin's daughter). This is a fight that women must understand and push back on. I hope there's enough women paying attention before it's too late. If they get their way, it will take generations to repair the damage. Our country has already been down this road.

I've given some lowlights, but please read this fabulous well written article:
GOP War on Women: Conservatives Are Intent on Curtailing Our Rights and Freedoms

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