Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Police State of America

So now the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a "protected area" per the Patriot Act?

A disgusting overreach by federal goons at the Jefferson Memorial results in several arrests of innocent tourists, including a couple who were kissing! Adam Kokesh was also arrested for dancing, but not before a choke-hold and a throw-down.

While a soldier risks his/her life to protect freedom, here is how our law enforcement chips it away. It embarrasses me to think people in other countries will view this. I expect Faux Newz and Limpballs to be crediting the police for these gross violations of "freedom" since the right wing doesn't know how to relax and enjoy a moment.

Watch what happened May 29, 2011 at the Jefferson Memorial in DC. Since Congress reauthorized the Patriot Act, more acts of self expression may be deemed inappropriate. After watching the video, ask yourself what these people did wrong? I've seen more violence in a mall at Christmas time!

Hopefully, no young children saw all that evil hugging and dancing. *snark*

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