Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bankrupting America was Bin Laden's Ultimate Goal

Osama Bin Laden was clearly smarter than George W. Bush. He laid out a trap knowing we had an unintellectual in the White House. He committed a terrorist attack, knowing President Bungler would make Americans fearful of their own shadow. All the while, Bin Laden knew exactly what he was doing since he had already done it to the Soviets. It wasn't about loss of life, it was about the loss of the quality of life. He lead them to bankruptcy and wanted the same for us. I would say he was pretty much a success, unfortunately. By 2004, his $500,000 event on 9/11 had cost the U.S. $500 billion by conservative estimates. And look at us now.

This is really an eye-popping story, not just about the cost of the wars, but about how our education has suffered, fuel has nearly tripled, and how those who have benefited most since 9/11 are not going to give up what they have reaped since that September morning.

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