Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is Anyone Still Buying The Small Government Baloney From Last Fall?

I've been writing about this nonsense along with other bloggers who are incensed at this ongoing attack on womens reproductive rights since January. These azzclowns were elected last November by promising to deliver jobs. McDonald's is the only major company that had a major hiring boon...flipping burgers folks! When a quarter million people show up for 50K jobs making roughly $9 an hour, there's an issue with our economy.

However, the newly elected Teapublicans played the bait and switch game. Not one single solitary jobs bill has been introduced by the new Teapublican leadership, but if you want to check out the long list of strip women of their reproductive rights bills....get a comfy chair! We can discuss the financial "Let's do what we can to screw Obama" bills later.

Connie Schultz, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, talks with Rachel Maddow about the Republican anti-abortion agenda and how the Republicans have compromised their alleged principles about less government to wage war on womens health. Some of Ms. Schultz's statements are frightening. I really hope this ongoing attack is opening Republican voting womens eyes. I also hope it's opening mens eyes as well, although I have less expectations from the boys since they can walk away if they so choose. Let me be fair, I doubt most men feel this way, but there are enough idiots who "feel the need to spread the seed" without responsibility, to make me feel confidant with that comment.

Is anyone still buying the Tea Party "small government" message? If you do, you're a fool. Furthermore, I really don't care what the size of government is, I want one that works. I don't understand how other countries not as "rich" as us can give their young people college educations and give everyone universal health care while our country refuses to do so. Yes, refuses. Are we so arrogant we can't even fathom the thought that someone had a better idea than us? There are wealthy people around the world who believe that they prosper when others prosper...not here...not since Reagan...not since it became blame your neighbor.

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