Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Anti-Gay Preacher Caught Not Practicing What He Preaches

Boy, who could've seen this coming! Here's a footnote to all the homophobes buying into this "God hates gays" nonsense from preachers or politicians. Any man or woman who devotes his/her life to trashing gays and lesbians is probably a deeply conflicted homosexual.

Civil lawsuits filed by four men accusing Bishop Eddie Long, of one of the nation's most influential black churches of sexual abuse have been resolved, according to representatives for both sides. The complaints, filed in October in DeKalb County court, targeted Long, an international televangelist and pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a suburban Atlanta congregation with more than 25,000 members.

The suits accused Long of using his position to coerce the men into having sexual relationships with him while they were teenage members of his congregation. The lawsuits say Long engaged in intimate sexual acts with the young men, such as massages, masturbation and oral sex. Long took the young men on trips including to Kenya, according to the suits. He allegedly enticed the young men with gifts including cars, clothes, jewelry and electronic items. The 58-year-old husband and father of four has championed strong families and been an outspoken opponent of gay marriage.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Bishop Eddie Long’s Vintage Controversial Anti-Gay Sermon “God Said…If You’re Gay You Deserve DEATH!” Video below:

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