Monday, May 9, 2011

Limbaugh: Democrats Are Not "Just Simple Opponents; They're Also The Enemy"

Rush Limbaugh continues to do his part to pit neighbor against neighbor so his tax rate doesn't go up 4%. The false equivalency that the left does it too is baloney. Maybe there's a marginal lefty talker out there talking smack, but none of our main stream liberal voices are preaching to their audience that the "opponent is more than that, they're the enemy." I say this on Media Matters Facebook page earlier today, but what actually flabbergasted me are the ignorant, hateful posts by Rush's fans. They really think we, on the left are more dangerous than the Koch Brothers or the DeVos family who are leading us towards fascism. This man, along with Glenn Beck are truly dangerous. These guys make it scary for someone with Massachusetts tags to drive through South Carolina. They don't care, they're making millions spreading fear and hate. A thirty year boon to the wealthy in this country on our backs isn't enough for these greedy gasbags. Republicon, Teabagger, Con voters are a scared little bunch of crybabies who are afraid of their own shadow and actually believe that they're going to hit the big one and live on easy street. They're willing to allow Republicons to strip away social safety nets because they listen to asshats like this guy who make them believe anyone can be a millionaire. Right wing media has wrecked the country's psyche and I think it's beyond repair. The public seams sufficiently dumbed down.

Check out this photo which was taken at a Nascar race.  You know this fool listens to Limbaugh.  He's got his bigotry on the tailgate, his racism on the rear window, and his ignorance on his parking spot.  The only thing missing is a God Hates Fags bumper sticker.

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