Sunday, May 8, 2011

Banana Republicans [via DailyKOS]

I wanted to share what I think is an excellent article that was posted today at the DailyKOS and written by Stranded Winds. Banana Republicans.

It's a real life account at how this writers life through hardship has actually turned out worse than his fathers even though he was fully disabled by the time he was fifty. He tells how when he got sick, he lost everything and was even considered a “suspicious malingerer” when Lyme disease had failed to be diagnosed. He tells how it was nothing more than "luck" that he wandered to New England, where doctors actually check for Lyme.

It is well worth the read. We might be the "richest" country in the nation, but the wealth is in few hands. He also stresses how the top 5% didn't work for it, they stole it from the rest of us. The link from the article is above, but I'm also going to post one of the comments by HamptonRoadsProgressive below.

I think actually does a disservice to actual Banana Republic dictators. At least cold-hearted, soulless, evil dictators are up-front and honest about what they're doing.

American Conservatives and Republicans are lying piles of sludge who can't even sell their own ideology in a straight-forward fashion because most of their constituents would hate it.

Instead they lie, they sugar coat, and they wage a class war with an "us versus them" mentality, where "Us" is righteous, moral, and defensible, whereas "Them" are the unknown "Other", coming to "steal" what is "rightfully" "Theirs" via the practically Satanic method known as "Socialism".

No, Republicans. We don't intend to take from the small business owner to give to the lazy do-nothing pothead.

We do, however, believe and intend to tax away a few billion dollars in profit from mega-companies so we can feed, clothe, shelter, and educate our fellow men and women.

The "Free Market" demands that companies must make do with what the market gives them. If that means only making $1B in profit versus $20B a year, then tighten your belts and make do with that, you immoral fascist jackboots.

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