Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Republican Spin Cycle In Overdrive

Surprise! Not really. Republicans are trying to steal credit for President Obama's magnificent victory for our national security, and maybe more importantly, national psyche. They are besides themselves with lies and innuendo trying to say that Obama just continued Bush policies and Bush is the reason the world has rid itself of Osama bin Laden. An article from the New York Times in 2006 disproves all that baloney...in addition to the video of GWB, six months after 9/11 telling the country he didn't care where bin Laden was and he doesn't lose sleep over him, etc...

And let's suppose, for just one second that my analogy is wrong (it's not, we have the tape), let's think about how it would've went down. If Dumbya had cared about finding OBL, which he clearly didn't, the mission wouldn't have been covert. His overcompensation and large ego wouldn't have allowed that. Nope, he would've sent the army in, guns-a-blazin'; we would've had multiple U.S. casualties and our poor excuse of a media would've drooled over what a tough commander-in-chief he is. Shock-and-Awe, baby! Shock-and-Awe! Our media, with a couple exceptions sucks.

You know what is irritating? After we got hit in 2001, Americans on both sides of the aisle supported GWB. What does it say about the other side, that they will not afford that same courtesy? Finally, here's a question to all these idiots on the right. Had this mission failed, who would've got the blame?

I loved this interview Cenk Uygar conducted with Joan Walsh today. It is totally correct.


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