Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Is What Compassionate Christians Concoct on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to all the sane people out here! Is this something that we now consider acceptable? Is this not pushing the limits of free speech? How can this not be equated with yelling fire in a crowded theater? Here's an example of right wing "intelligence" ... or something ... on this fine Easter day. A friend on Facebook passed it along and encouraged everyone to report it, which I did since I agree. If anyone on the left posted something like this about Bush or Palin, they'd already be in shackles. I am posting this, not to give them publicity, but to prove what was on Facebook because this will be coming down and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh will deny it ever existed. I'd hate to be the asshat who posted this because from what some sources are reporting, the secret service is working on getting it taken down and it is being investigated.

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