Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't Be Fooled, the Protests By Labor Continue

Let's see, a week and a half ago, a hundred teabaggers showed up in Washington D.C. and there was so much media there, they each had their own personal reporter. The reporters even went so far as to keep the shots tight as to not show the sparse turnout. Even duller-than-dull Harry Reid quipped, "There were tens of them there."

Meanwhile the ongoing pushback from the labor movement is not being covered by the mainstream media. How can thousands of people gather ever week, sometimes daily and not get coverage? Oh yeah, that corporate owned "liberal media." What a crock of BS.

This weekend it was Olympia, Washington that went ignored.  Read about it here. How can people be so blind to what is going on. This is our democracy folks. Citizens United was a devastating blow, but we can fight back if we unite. If you believe in it, fight for it. Unfortunately the brainwashing that has turned "we the people" against each other instead of those truly responsible has probably ruined any ability to come together.

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