Monday, April 18, 2011

Death Panels, Republican Style

Ayn Rand fanboy Paul Ryan seems to have boxed Republicans in. They really don't want to support his death panel...I mean "Medicare transformation," with an election coming up, nor do they want to say anything bad about the *BUDGET MUNSTER. C'mon Dems, I know you guys are trying to figure out a way to screw this up, but you have an open net...SHOOT, and keep shooting until the net is ripped wide open! Let me give all Democrats a tip, watch all the teabagger videos from the summer of 2009 with HCR when they were screaming about death panels, etc... But especially target those idiots who were running around with signs saying, "Keep your 'guvmint' hands off my Medicare.

*BUDGET MUNSTER borrowed from the Stephanie Miller Show. They have noticed that Ryan not only looks like Eddie Munster, but acted like an 8-year-old after Obama gave him the smack down last week.  They hilariously mock him daily with his "serious plan."

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