Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Bad Obama Lacks the Courage to Do What's Right

Funny how Paul Ryan's draconian budget is getting heralded all over our corporate owned media as couragious and serious, but not a peep about the proposal from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Unlike Ryan's proposal which has been scoffed at by economists, actually stating it would add to the deficit, the CPC budget potentially puts us on solid footing by 2021, with a fully balanced budget by 2014. So tell me again that we have a liberal media. Once again that lie is exposed.

Real courage involves raising taxes and explaining that we can't pay for wars without a cost attached. Real courage involves protecting the most vulnerable and asking those with much to give a fair share. Real courage is standing up to the oligarchy. This budget is actually courageous and serious. Ryan's is just another attack on those without. Be warned now, the long-term Republican plan for job creation is to eliminate minimum wage and bring back slave labor jobs at say $3 per hour. Break unions, destroy the Democratic Party, return women to brood mare status without rights, etc... Start connecting the dots people.

Too bad our cowardly Democrats have only a passing interest with such seriousness and no interst in courage. They'll disgard it as "we don't have the votes" without even discussing it in earnest, on their way to capitulate to the Republicans continuing attack on the weakest.

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