Friday, April 1, 2011

An Act To Enhance Slave Labor for Minors

Maine's teabagging Governor Paul LePage (R) laughed to a crowd of French-Canadian-Americans that when he was 12 years old, he used to hide out in the French-Canadian part of town and steal Halloween candy from children. “Isn’t that awful? And now I’m governor of Maine.” And still stealing from kids. This guy only won with 38% of the vote, as Maine had a 3 way race last fall. For all the complaints people may have about Democrats, look at what lazy voters have left several states with. While I've been critical of Obama, I didn't expect him to clean-up 8 years of chit with an old mop in two years. The folks that thought he could and punished Democrats last fall are idiots.
Look at this moron's idea. Let's see, hire an adult for a low level job for $7.50 or hire a kid for $5.25? Once the kid hits 180 days, he/she graduates to the awesome amount of $7.50. But wait, who doesn't think the kid gets fired on day 179? I know of a certain candle maker who is probably salivating over that idea..they're probably thinking of relocating to Maine if this happens. The way they behave with temp workers is really akin to this. What the hell is wrong with people who vote for Republicans? Lack of oxygen as a child? Airplane glue?

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