Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boehner or Vermont? - Vermont Wins

The Vermont state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to health care legislation that is a key part of Gov. Peter Shumlin's agenda. The bill, a version of which already has been passed by the House, would put Vermont on a path toward what it calls a "universal and unified health system" and what the Democratic governor calls single-payer health care, with the objective of ensuring health insurance coverage for every resident. If the reptilians (aka GOP) in D.C. get their way killing Medicare, Vermont might find itself with more residents, unless other states catch on...which I think blue states will.

Think Progress: The Vermont sate Senate Passes Bill establishing A Single Payer Health Care System In The State

Meanwhile, we have the Republicans in D.C doing the opposite for the people.:

Undaunted by the backlash Republicans are facing in town halls all over the country since Paul Ryan's "Path To Poverty" was disclosed. Agent Orange Boehner, or as I like to call him, "The Boner," decided to double-down on a policy 80% of Americans are against, including the majority of Republicans. I'm telling you --- they are rigging 2012 behind the scenes. Their ongoing, blatent disregard for what voters want is a warning. Voters overwhelmingly want the wealthiest to be taxed at a higher rate as opposed to cutting spending on programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Will the Democrats call their bluff and fight back?

The Raw Story: Boehner flirts with debt default if Dems don't accept Medicare cuts

These are what town hall meetings look like after a "destroy Medicare" vote:

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