Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wallace and Palin Sittin in a tree...

Sunday is always a great day for a game of softball! Thanks for pitching Chris. This morning on Faux Newz, Chris Wallace couldn't stop gushing about Palin's "Boffo" interview. Honestly, why doesn't he just ask Palin to (insert thought here) him get it over with? You know he wants to. There is no depth to this woman yet they keep building her up to be something she's not. And you also know that his father, Mike Wallace is rolling over in his grave watching what his son has become. Watch Chrissy allow the abominable snowbitch to double down on her stupidity.

In the midst of her supposedly non-campaign bus tour of America (where she trampled on Mitt Romney's presidential bid announcement in New Hampshire, driving through the western Massachusetts tornado to get there in time), Faux Newz Sunday host Chris Wallace let Sarah Palin continue to babble through the network, with an "exclusive" half-hour long interview. Not sure why Faux declares it as exclusive since she won't talk to any other network. However, Wallace wasn't content to promote Palin simply by handing her Sunday program, he began an all-day Palin-cheerleading session by declaring in the second half of his show that her performance was "boffo." He went on to add that she was "sharp on the issues" and that she has "a serious possibility to be president." If indeed he's correct and she has a serious chance of becoming president, be afraid, be very afraid.

After his show, Wallace appeared on Faux Newz and said that in that interview, "I think you see Sarah Palin the way people never quite have before. She talks in great depth and I think with a good deal of expertise about the economy, about the debt, about Paul Ryan's Medicare plan, about our involvement in Afghanistan." What the hell is he smoking? This woman couldn't make change at McDonald's with the cash register showing her the exact change due to the customer. The debt? Ask Alaskans about her expertise. Oh, and how she managed to slide materials for her new house into the budget of the new arena that was built. A taxpayer funded house! Ayn Rand Ryan's Medicare Plan? Ask those of us under 55 who were basically told, "go to hell." Not only have we paid into it our whole lives, if this draconian bill passes, we'll still get to pay into it without any benefit! Isn't Republicanism ****ing awesome?! Apparently Republicans are banking on the fact that many voters are over 55, and are hoping they don't care about their younger family members so they can pull this off. Oops. Afghanistan? Yes, I want words of wisdom on military intervention form a woman who thought North Korea was an ally.

Later Wallace again appeared on Faux Newz America's Newz HQ and told host Shannon Bream: "I have never seen her as impressive and specific on the issues as she was, whether it was the debt or the state of the economy or what the situation is on the ground in Afghanistan" Of course, Wallace's praise for his Faux Newz colleague, while creepy, isn't surprising. Faux is, after all, the friendliest place in the universe for her. But his assessment of her as a serious contender for president in 2012 only strengthens the case that Faux is an unethical network by continuing to employ her as a contributor. Not that ethics mean a whole heck of a lot to the television media wing of the Teapublican propaganda machine.

Still, let's be fair, Palin's interview was even more impressive than the time that Paul Revere rang the bells of Westminster Abbey to warn the British that the Minutemen were coming.

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