Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Louisiana Bill Will Criminalize Abortion Even In Cases Of Rape

I saw this on the Political Correction website. Evidently, Louisiana has a bill that would criminalize abortion even in cases of rape. The Republicons must think we're running short on future soldiers

As I've been writing about the Teapublicans attack on womens reproductive rights, it has managed to get worse. A Louisiana bill currently under consideration by the state legislature is the most extreme yet. The bill would not only criminalize most abortions, threatening to punish doctors for performing a medical procedure whose legality has been upheld by the Supreme Court, but it would also force poor women whose lives are endangered by their pregnancies to pay for a life-saving abortion out-of-pocket. Victims of rape or incest aren't even afforded that exception.

In addition to banning abortions, the proposed bill would actually violate the federal Hyde Amendment, which states that while federal money cannot be used to pay for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, and life endangerment, in those cases Medicaid and other government funds must be provided. Rep. John LaBruzzo's abortion ban would not include such exemptions.  Will the fed push back?

Attempting to criminalize in Louisiana what is nationally a legal redress available to victims of a violent crime is part of a larger conversation on abortion rights that is given to trivializing rape and its consequences. It's the same callous, paternalistic attitude towards women and their bodies seen in the idiotic Kansas lawmaker who last month suggested that women ought to plan ahead for rape because after all, he carries a spare tire.

That Roe v Wade challenge is on the horizon. I just hope we can get to 2012, an Obama re-election, hopefully an Anthony Kennedy retirement to sway the SCOTUS back to a less politically ideological group. Bush II was all about far right ideologues, and as a lefty I wasn't thrilled with Obama's play it safe choices although I don't have major issues with his selections. My issue was with his exemptions from consideration.

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