Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Floodgates Are Wide Open For Anti-Abortion Republicans

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) talks with Rachel Maddow about the rabid escalation of the anti-abortion legislation and rhetoric as each republican candidate tries to out-extreme the next. I've written about this a lot because I think the stakes are extremely high for the next generation of young women. Once you've lost rights, you never get them back. And for some reason the far right fringe, lead by Evangelicals are wielding a lot of power at this time, even though they're not a majority in this country. The fright wingers gets upset when some of my like-minded bloggers call them the Christian Taliban, but they're really not far off. This particular group of Christians do not view women as equals and hate the fact that we've been given a voice, not just with bodily decisions, but with careers, education and votes. They want that to go away. Mark my words, if they win on the abortion issue, they will move on to the next anti-woman policy that they think they can win while lying about what's in the Bible.

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