Thursday, March 4, 2010

Toyota's Continue To Drive Themselves!

Just sitting here wondering what the backlash against GM would've been had they recalled 8 million cars, did cheap half-ass repairs and sent their customers on their merry way?  Toyota's problems are safety issues, not door trim falling off.  People have died and many accidents are attributed to the miscellaneous failures of these cars.  Before these concurrent problems, there was definitely a double-standard in how the media covered failures of the American manufacturers compared to their foreign counterparts. It's pretty clear that Toyota became a victim of their own success, just like the Big 3 did in the 70's when they made mediocre cars and expected customer loyalty.  It wasn't until the mid-90's that the American manufacturers understood what they did wrong, but it took them several more years to put good quality, stylish cars back on the street.  I've not had major issues with my vehicles, but as someone who's had to listen to foreign car owners give me their "expertise" in the errors of my ways of being a lifetime Chevy owner, I'm getting sooo much satisfaction out of this debacle.  Maybe it's time for Toyota owners to take another look at Ford and GM.  Edmunds and even Consumer Reports (in some cases) agree.

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