Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pass HCR Now...if only to get rid of Limbaugh!

Hate radio host Rush Limbaugh has been one of health care reform’s most viscious opponents, warning that “human beings will die earlier than normal” under the “freedom killing” and “life threatening” plan, and calling for it to be “aborted.” Yesterday, Limbaugh uttered a few simple words that we could've only dreamed hearing. He said that if health care passes and all his fears are realized, he’ll leave the country. A caller asked him where he would go if health care reform passes and his response was,
"I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica."
If ever there was a rally cry to get a health reform bill passed, that was it! There's something we've got to keep to ourselves though; Costa Rica has universal health care, one of the best health systems in Latin America...don't tell Rush!

The Costa Rican healthcare system is rated very highly on an international level, and the country’s citizens enjoy the health and life expectancy equal to that of more developed nations. These accolades come courtesy of strong, universal health insurance and excellent public and private hospitals.
Costa Rica’s public health insurance system, commonly known as the Caja, is available country-wide to all citizens and legal residents. There are ten major public hospitals – four in San Jose, including the Children’s Hospital – affiliated with the Caja. For non-emergencies and everyday medical care, small clinics, known as EBAIS (pronounced ay-vy-ice), are located in almost every community.
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While we can't be sure exactly what Limpy is looking for, it's clear he doesn't want to be anywhere with government run health care so Costa Rica is out. When asked where Rush might find his absolute, perfect private sector health plan, Markos Moulitsis (Daily KOS) said, "Well, it wouldn‘t be Costa Rica, but I‘ll tell you, what would probably work—I think Somalia would be great for Rush. I mean, it‘s a libertarian paradise. Everybody has guns. There‘s not much of a government. There sure as heck isn‘t government-run health care. So, I think, if you‘re talking about Rush‘s world view, I can‘t imagine a better place than Somalia—as long as he can find himself a nice $20 million pad in Mogadishu."

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