Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Senator Brown, you're lying. Stop it.

Last Wednesday I posted my opinion about the Rachel Maddow v Scott Brown dust up. I updated it over the next couple days and thought it was over. However Scott Brown visited Rachel's home turf in western Massachusetts and claimed she was only discussing the issue for ratings. Tonight, once again Rachel felt she had to set the record straight. Even while my opinion of Maddow is abundantly clear, I have a huge issue of this guy trying to raise money out of state to determine our elections. We are a state with only 12% registered Republican voters. He knows he's got big problems for 2012. Trying to use Maddow as a tool here will not work, we like her. However, by asking for donations in states that think religion trumps science, that homosexuals are devils and that women belong in the kitchen and bedroom with their man making the decisions and you'll likely raise some money against the cool, calm, collected, gay liberal, Ms. Maddow. This man is nothing but a phony pretty boy and it really pisses me off that Martha Coakley was so completely inept as a candidate that she could not beat this lying fraud. That said, give him hell Rachel and do what's best for you!

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