Monday, January 18, 2010

When Fox Squawker Meets Days of Thunder

Sarah Palin didn't waste anytime getting started with her latest job. She sat down with Bill O'Reilly for her first interview as a paid Fox contributor on The O'Reilly Factor Tuesday. Bill-O's softball sit-down was a waste of time for anyone not enamored with this fool, but her fans think she really laid out policy! Palin also said she was looking forward "to providing the fair and the balanced reporting and analysis that voters in this country deserve." Riiight, that’s why she’s on Faux Newz. Then there was a full hour with Glenn Beck. Beck started the show by reading to Palin from his personal diary in which he called her "one of the only people that can possibly lead us out of where we are." As Jon Stewart explained, she had a “moose in the headlights look.” On his radio show the next day, Beck explained their initial meeting as they had not actually met before. He said he walked in on Palin furiously googling on her Blackberry. When Beck enquired what she was doing, she claimed she was preparing (nothing like waiting until the last minute). She noticed (that’s amazing in itself) how he chose to interview her with the Statue of Liberty in the background and thought he was going to quiz her on the 25 windows and seven points on the crown! He assured her that wasn’t the case. Beck did manage to ask Palin a tough question, by Palin standards at least. He asked her to name her favorite founding father; Palin took a page from her infamous campaign interview with CBS' Katie Couric and told Beck, "all of them" without any hint of the irony. Seems to me that he is now part of that Couric/Gibson gotcha media. It did seem to appear that even Beck now realizes what the majority of the country figured out a long time ago about her. She is a moron. Speaking of Palin's founding fathers answer, MSNBC's Chris Matthews later asked, "how come she can't answer the most simple questions?" If you thought Palin's verbal befuddlement couldn't get any more bizarre, you'd be wrong. Appearing on Hannity on Thursday, the Facebook politician claimed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is, "driving a bus that is headed towards a train wreck." WTF! People, remember how close she was to the red button!

The week wasn't over for Saracuda though!. As a part-time Nascar watcher, former big fan who still loves Daytona, I have to comment on this one. Saturday it was reported that Sarah Palin will be a VIP guest at next month’s Daytona 500. Daytona International Speedway president Robin Braig said that they will “showcase her just as much as we would our mayor, our governor or our senators.” Um, don’t they think that’s a bit much? Unless the mayor, governor or any of their senators are habitual quitters, that seems a bit over the top. For anyone unfamiliar with how the Daytona 500 is treated, I’ll make it simple. The Daytona 500 is Nascar’s Super Bowl even though it’s the first race of the new season. It is unquestionably the most prestigious race on the schedule. And as someone who actually went to the Coke Zero 400 last July, I can verify that it’s the most exciting track (that I’ve been to) to view a race. The pre-race activities for “The 500” are virtually the halftime show at the Super Bowl. In the very recent past and off the top of my head, Jon Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson have provided entertainment. I’ll be skipping the pre-race festivities this year even though I’m sure headliner Tim McGraw will be a big lure for many. The former Alaska governor will be introduced at the pre-race drivers meeting along with other celebrities. Did I mention this telecast will be broadcast on Fox? I’m pretty sure she’ll get more than a little bit of screen time. That said, I have to say I’m kind of looking forward to her going in the booth. There’s not a doubt in my mind that right wing commentator Darrell Waltrip will get her up there after the start of the race, drool a little and ask, “Who is your favorite driver?” Is there any doubt she will say, “All of them!?"

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