Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Begins With Obama vs. A Real American Hero

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains on Wednesday.  I don't think the cause has been determined as of yet, but as far as I know he's in satisfactory condition with more tests planned.  I thought I'd have some fun with what could be Glenn Beck's latest conspiracy theory, because there's nothing too over the top for the doughboy's evil twin!

Glenn Beck: Do you actually believe that President Barack Obama would abruptly end his golf outing and speed in his motorcade after he learned a child of a friend was injured while playing on the beach? That's absurd.  You can't get hurt with sand.  No...I, I believe this is what really happened.  Rush was vacationing, probably just went to dinner, was enjoying a hula show, when all of a sudden he started feeling chest pain.  Do you really think it's a coincidence that this happened while the President and Rush were in the same foreign land?  Obviously Rush ingested something over dinner or something was placed in a drink where he would be forced to go to the hospital, some kind of's so obvious! Now ask yourself,...where did Obama really go when he left that golf outing? Natives used pineapple juice and Elvis movies to keep him comfortable until the ambulance arrived.  Folks, do you see what's happening here?  This was just a ploy to get Rush into the hospital, sedate him and place mind control devices in his brain to control the message he's sending out to his listeners.  It's as clear as day people!  Obama is trying to indoctrinate not only children, but the entire country to his socialist mission!  What better tool to use than the man with one billion radio listeners?! This could never happen in the United States, which is why Obama chose Hawaii to make his move.  *tears*  People, we've got to get serious.  Our President is trying to change the message of truth from one of the last true great American hero's.  We must stop him.

Obama + Limbaugh + Hawaii = OBAUGHWAII, which means INDOCTRINATE in Hawaiian.

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