Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maddow and Steele Don't Agree - On Pretty Much Anything

I have to admit, I think Michael Steele is pretty much a clown politically, but he seems like a decent guy so I generally enjoy his exchanges with Rachel Maddow. I couldn't believe that he actually said that the Tea Party (I prefer teabaggers) are not just Republicans. Rachel quickly pointed out that the religious right is a major part of the group. Steele was trying to sell it that the the fundies jumped in later. I totally disagree. Those people are the birthers, those people cried they wanted their country back, presumably from the black man, those people doubt his Christianity; and they've been there from the start. President Obama could cure cancer, solve world piece, allow everyone a ride on Air Force One or kill Osama bin Laden and they'd still hate him. Oh wait, we have proof of that. The Republicans want to credit George W. Bush for the death of bin Laden, even though he disbanded the group "searching" for him in 2006, but blame Obama for Bush's economy. Rewrite history! That's the ticket. Teabagger Heaven. C'mon Mr. Steele, don't be part of the problem. Classy, good-natured exit though.

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