Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Radical Rick Makes the Evangelical Hearts Go Pitter Patter

Damn that Oprah Winfrey!  There's one big reason to be concerned about the entrance of Rick Perry into the presidential race, and Rachel Maddow, as usual, is all over it. She begins the segment by playing yet another round of clips of crazy pastors attending Perry's "Response" (with all their offensive rhetoric towards Jews, gay people, the Statue of Liberty and Oprah), and wonders whether this fool's potential success is being viewed by these extremists as a chance to take over the ruling class. Rachel concludes and shares, that "There are some patterns among these folks." She describes them as being part of the "New Apostolic Reformation," a specific political and religious movement, which is outlined in in this frightening Texas Observer article.

They believe they are modern-day prophets and apostles, who, unlike rapture-ready evangelicals believe the only way the world can end is if they clear the way for it by taking over politics and infiltrating and controlling the following "seven mountains" of society: media, government, the family, religion, business, education, and arts and entertainment.

Food for thought: Are we really ready for another dumb ass from Texas? I think this one is worse than the last one. This guy will take us to theocracy if given the chance. The hard right has taken over the Republican Party and they're not fighting back. What's scaring me is that the Democrats aren't either.

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