Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP's Latest "Idea" Underway as Wildlife Continues to Perish

As I type this, BP is attempting the much talked about Top Kill. As I understand it, the top kill involves pumping enough mud into the gusher to overcome the flow of the well. Engineers plan to follow it up with cement to try to permanently seal the well. Evidently it will take couple of days before they know whether the procedure is working. BP told President Obama it has a 60-70% chance of working while admitting it's never been tried in water this deep. Yeah, we can trust BP, they've been so forthcoming and helpful so far. As more and more information about the shortcuts and infighting prior to the explosion come to light, it's clear that a lot of people should be doing jail time when all is said and done.

CBS has caught this depressing footage of a deep sea eel checking out the oil gusher. The animal seemed to be inspecting it before seemingly getting sucked in. I was going to try to write something profound about how the eel can only look on without fully comprehending the magnitude of the impending death pouring forth from that ginormous hole. Then I thought about it and realized that's pretty much what most of us are doing too. I hope that the poor thing will make it after getting into to the oil gusher, although I'm sure his/her chances aren't very good.

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