Monday, May 3, 2010

As Louisiana's Underwater Volcano Continues...

Rachel Maddow was in Venice, Louisiana this evening covering the BP oil disaster and I think tonight's telecast was amongst her finest hours. She discussed efforts to deal with the expanding slick with NBC's Brian Williams, she discussed the clean-up roles of BP and the government with EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, she spoke with Senator Bob Menedez about raising corporate liability and she spoke with fisherman Josh Bodenheimer who fears for his way of life. I'm a bit pressed for time these days, but I wanted to at least share the last part Monday's show. Larry Schweiger, president and chief exectutive Officer of the National Wildlife Federation, spoke with Rachel about the extent of damage to the gulf coast wildlife expected from the oil spill disaster and the anticipated long-term impact on the ecosystem. The long-term damage to the wildlife really is bothersome.

With Brian Williams
With Lisa Jackson
With Bob Menendez
With Josh Bodenheimer

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