Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Saga of a Father of Fallen Marine Caught in Legal Battle Continues

Since my full time job isn't blogging, there are days (many of them) that I don't have time to write (or vent), but want you to be aware of a certain issue or story. Tonight is another one of those times. On March 16, I wrote about fallen Marine Matthew Snyder's funeral, awash with anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church protesters --- a really disgusting display of so-called humanity by people who claim to be children of God. On tonight's Hardball, Chris Matthews interviewed the soldiers father, Al Snyder and Michael Smerconish about this important and to date, unjust story. Mr. Snyder was ordered to pay the legal fees of the WBC that he sued for protesting at his son's funeral. Talk about blind justice. In this ongoing battle, I hope Mr. Snyder and true justice will prevail.

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