Saturday, April 3, 2010

Creepy Hannity and Fans Salute Timothy McVeigh

During an epidsode of Fox News' Sean Hannity's program this week which was held inside the Reagan Library (with guests California Republican Congressmen David Drier and Kevin McCarthy), Hannity discussed ways for Republicans to take back power in the mid-term elections. The discussion was filled with such falsehoods, as McCarthy’s claim that President Obama personally, doubled the debt of all 43 prior presidents combined. Then he made a rather startling claim that conservatives won the debate regarding health care. Ok, whatever...let them have their fantasy. Typical right-wing rhetoric that his rabid followers swallowed up without question.

However, what came next was genuinely appalling. He approvingly labeled the Tea Baggers as “Tim McVeigh wannabes.” Using McVeigh, a domestic terrorist found guilty for killing 168 innocent citizens (19 were kids), and injuring more than 600 as someone to look up to is frightening. What's worse, his fans erupted in cheers!

Domestic terrorism is a legitimate threat. Not only does Hannity owe an apology to everyone who was directly affected by that terrible day in Oklahoma City in 1995, how does the right wing get off complaining that the upcoming MSNBC documentary might lead people to compare today's teabaggers to McVeigh now? “The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist” presented by Rachel Maddow will air from 9-11PM EST Monday, April 19, the 15th anniversary of the massacre. The film reveals the bomber’s descriptions of the planning and execution of the horrific attack and offers insight into how a decorated American soldier became a dangerous, anti-government terrorist.

I've read a few right wing blogs who are going nuts over this documentary and speculating what it may contain. I don't know if MSNBC's documentary is linking the anti-government protesters of today with McVeigh or not, I haven't seen more than a clip of his confession in a preview, but so what if they are! Look at the right wing rage and behavior sice President Obama's inauguration. In addition, look at rhetoric that right wing politicians are allowing to fester by not denouncing the threats against Democrats. Bill O'Reilly even denied that there is any proof that the teabaggers that Fox proudly sponsors have been anything more than peaceful protesters. Note to Bill, just because Fox refuses to air the footage doesn't mean it can't be found on a variety of sources, most especially youtube! Spitting on congressman, yelling out slurs of all types, threats against the party in power have been embraced by the right wing who still can't get over the fact that the black guy won, and it wasn't even close enough to finagle an alternate outcome. Did this week's arrest of nine members of a Christian militia group called Hutaree that was readying for battle with the Antichrist and who were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral — all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government teach them anything? I doubt it. They'll just say it was a few nuts...that most armed militias are really nothing more than responsible, concerned Americans!

Yeah, Hannity and O'Reilly (among others)...keep egging them on for your own ratings, power and money. I will not forgive them (or you) even though they know not what they do. Any basically good person knows the difference between right and wrong. Having a difference opinion in this country was once respected, not a call for arms or incitement. You are feeding the radical fringe whether you want to own responsibility for it or not. This is not a game.

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