Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hypocrite for Cash!

As much as I dislike this Sarah Palin, she doesn't go away, but makes writing fun and easy!  I will give her one thing; while she's an intellectual idiot, she has some street smarts that I'm now seeing more and more of and it's starting to scare me that she can fool a lot of people with a virtual shell game.  The quitter first agreed to debate Al Gore on Climate Change, but had second thoughts.  Her excuses became; he wouldn't want to debate someone with a reasonable voice or facts.  He wouldn't lower himself  "to debate little old Sarah Palin from Wasilla."  Then adding that if it was a conventional debate she'd get clobbered.  Do you see what she did here?  She managed to lower expectations for herself.  She managed to convince her fans that she's the reasonable voice (just like them) while painting him as an arrogant elitist.  Frankly, she possesses brilliant street smarts abounding with deception.  I am honestly trying to figure out her appeal to people as she has no depth of character and says nothing of substance.  This woman could shoot Bambi and manage to convince her fans that he had chronic wasting disease anyways so she did what Jesus would've wanted and reunited him with his mom.  She won't tell them the part about his head being mounted above her fireplace and the rest of him is actually in her freezer. 

I love this too.  She has agreed to appear at a Canadian Hospital Fundraiser.  I'm not sure what kind of math they used or how they're going to make money because she will be paid $200,000 for one half hour.  Organizers hope to sell 1,000 tickets at $200 a plate which is a break even point, but raise more via photos with Palin.  Her fans are praising the hospital for seeing her talent, knowledge and perception.  Clearly none of them watched Canadian comedian Mary Walsh make a mockery out of her last month when Palin said "Canada needs to dismantle its public health-care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit."  Just the fact that she's charging a rate like that for a fund raiser should set off some sort of red flag, but not with Paliniacs!  It would be nice to see her have the good sense to donate her fee, but I can't imagine she has enough class for that.  Something else I would like to mention, St. Peter's Hospital is public, performs abortions, and offers end-of-life decision support.  Socialist, pro-choice and death panels!!!  Hypocrite for cash!  As far as I can see, she has a talent for easily misleading people with a wink and a smile.  Rumor has it she was quite a fancy pageant walker and good high school basketball player back in the day.  Her knowledge is somewhat limited to hoodwinking her fans out of their hard earned cash with catchy phrases.  I'll give her credit, that ability is making her a very wealthy woman.  Being the skilled prevaricator without conscience that she is, she doesn't lose any sleep over it.  I literally laughed when I saw them citing her perception in a positive manner.  The woman didn't know her teenage daughter and her live-in teenage boyfriend were screwing under her own roof!  How is that for perception? 

Maddow's Uganda Update:  As promised, for anyone who care's to know the latest on this story.  The people Rachel named throughout her coverage of this story are not too pleased to have been publicized, but she forced public statements from, Pastor Rick Warren who seemed to take particular aim at being exposed prompting an invite from Rachel to her show.  Senator Chuck Grassley also made a statement essentially saying that his beliefs haven't changed, but a death sentence is too severe.  Rachel pointed out that their statements were not relayed directly to Ugandan authorities, like Senator Feingold's were.  She said "Don't tell me, tell someone who can actually do something about it."  Still, her coverage has brought a lot of attention to this criminal legislation.  Hopefully clear thinking individuals such as Feinstein will be able guide them to see the errors and inhumanity of this legislation.  This is how to use a bully pulpit for good not evil, Mr. Beck and Mr. Limbaugh.

Warren finally speaks out against legislation he influenced: 
Uganda Be Killing Me - 12/10/2009
American anti-gay activists telling Uganda to create anti-homosexuality laws while disavowing the legislation to Americans audiences: 
Uganda Be Killing Me - 12/09/2009
Harper Magazine Editor Jeff Sharlet, author of "The Family" joins Rachel to discuss how The Family influenced Uganda in drafting the anti-homosexual legislation: 
Uganda Be Kidding Me II - 12/09/2009

How to condemn a bill a mean it.  Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) forcefully condemns the proposed Ugandan legislation and reminded them who gives them lots of cash. 

Quick Thought:  With the Tiger Woods saga in it's 17th day, I wanted to make a couple points.  I'm not going to defend Woods for his actions, he clearly has some serious issues he should address and deserves to be taken to the cleaners by his wife.  His wreckless actions put her health in danger as well as his own.  I understand the pre-nup is being re-written for her benefit.  Then again, Elin Woods seems to have some issues of her own in dealing with anger.  I understand how hurt and upset she had to have been after allegedly receiving a call from one mistress that he has recently broken up with.  Still, reports are that she broke four of his teeth with a cell phone, did $10,000 damage to the inside of the house with a golf club and chased him down the driveway in a golf cart wielding a club smashing at least one window in an $85,000 Cadillac Escalade as he drove it into a fire hydrant and then a tree.  To me, here's the really crazy part.  After the first woman came forward, a second one who thought she was the only "other" woman got pissed and came forward, as did the next and the next, etc...  Ok, so all these women were angry enough to take him down because they weren't the only "other" woman.  Where did he find these idiots?  Do any of them know how ridiculous they look?  Every single one of them knew he was married with kids.  How stupid do you have to be to be having an affair with a married person and think they're not also cheating on you or at least have those tendancies?  What a world we live in.
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