Friday, December 18, 2009

Has Obama Become "Compromised" Trying to "Compromise" With His Opponents?

Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann kind of stole my thunder with his Special Comment on the latest version of HR-3590, the Senate Health Care Reform bill.  It was essentially a big “eff you” to Obama.  He was correct on every point.  Obama has continuously thumbed his nose at those of us who supported him, preferring to woo the right and conservative Democrats.  Everytime the left rises in any kind of opposition to any proposed bill, he sends attack dog Rahm Emanual to tell the "liberals" to shut up.  In my opinion he thinks we’ll support him in the end anyways, so he doesn’t care about how we’re feeling about one disappointment after another. This so called “health care reform” has magnified what a weak leader our President is turning out to be.  I guess it was kind of silly of me last November 4, 2008 thinking I was voting for Obama/Biden.  It turns out I was actually voting for Lieberman/Snowe.  It's become painfully obvious over the past several months who holds the real power.  It has actually been sickening to watch the alternating coddling the two of them have received from Democrats.  I believe this administration is underestimating the degree that we're paying attention.  They seem genuinely surprised that we actually expected them to be different.  They better start realizing the damage they're doing or they're heading for one and done.

What we are currently looking at is a bill with no cost control. The insurance companies can’t deny you coverage for a pre-existing conditions, but they can charge you what they want.  Isn't that great?  There's no cap on premiums, but there's a cap on benefits!  To top it off, you have to have insurance bought from the "insurance cartel!"  So this has turned into a big gift to private insurers by handing them at least 30 million new customers. Way to go Obama, that’s not exactly the “change” we were looking for.  The current position is something Obama actually chastised Hillary Clinton for during their respective campaign's.  In 2012, I will vote for Obama again if he’s still the Democratic nominee, but only because we can’t leave the chance that Republicans will fill any more Supreme Court vacancies as they become open.  It won’t be with excitement next time, unless he works very hard to right the ship.  So far, he's been disappointing.  Please take time to watch Keith’s outstanding spot on Special Comment:

After all this, we still have to wait for House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to meld the two bills together.  The bill in the House at least has a Public Option to compete with private insurance, but it also has the Stupak Amendment, further restricting/obstructing a woman’s right to chose a safe and legal medical procedure.  But don’t worry guys, you can still get ED supplements in both bills.  The good ol' boys in Washington need be able to perform at a moments’ notice.  I can't tell you how angry I am that these guys don’t feel a woman has the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy (it's not accomplished without help), but we better damn well not infringe their rights to have a "drug induced" erection…so when she's ready, you're ready...lasting as long as four hours...if loss of hearing or vision occurs, call a doctor.  I do have to ask; Is it really that important guys?  The Senate version doesn’t contain anti-abortion language as I write this, but Nebraska Conservadem Ben Nelson is working on it.  He claims he won't vote for a bill without it.  I'm going to have to put some trust in Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on this one.  She has been adament and consistent with her position that this is supposed to be about affordable health care, not circumventing a woman's right to choose.  This should be simple, if you don’t believe in abortion don’t get one.  However, making it virtually impossible to obtain a legal procedure because you personally have a problem with it is crossing the lines to women's rights.  This country is letting religious beliefs dictate everything we do and I’m sick of it.  The Catholic Church meddled in on this debate as well by having secret meetings with members of congress.  The Hyde amendment from 1976 already disallows public funding for the procedure, but nooo that wasn’t enough – they added Stupak. What these guys are aiming for, is any insurance company who gets any federal money (which is almost all of them) will not be allowed to offer that service, even if a woman has her own insurance that she paid for.  Somewhere along the way, this country began regressing on basic rights and I’m really afraid of where we’re going with the zealots getting louder and wielding more power.  Let's start getting seperation of church and state in order.  The next time the Catholics or the Mormons get involved in policy, strip them of their tax exempt status, until they see the errors of their ways.  Then make them re-apply for it with a very long drawn out process.  Let them see what it's like to have something taken away from them.  I know -- it's a pipe dream of mine that will never happen.

Quick Thoughts: Thumbs up to MSNBC...mostly.  Outstanding coverage from Olbermann and Ed Schultz for attempting to hold Obama accountable to campaign promises on health care. Ed's radio and tv shows have both covered the debate extensively and he's become a strong voice for a strong public option.  Schultz was appearing on Morning Joe Thursday morning when he heard both Mika Brezinski's and Joe Scarborough's Blackberry's start ringing.  Apparently they were getting complaints from the White House due to Schultz and fellow guest Arianna Huffington's blistering commentary and wanted the hosts to tone it down.  I guess this White House expected MSNBC to behave as Fox did through the Bush years, as lapdogs.  Also, great news for The Rachel Maddow Show whose overall ratings for the year were up 15% over 2008.  While Rachel uses a gentler approach than the guys, she has been hammering the administration on numerous campaign promises since April.  Even though the three aforementioned like Obama, they're doing their jobs in a non-partisan way.  Chris Matthews continues to be the weak link in the evening line-up.  Ever since his "thrill down my leg" comment, he's gone way to the right and insults liberals on a nightly basis.  I guess he feels that's the way to redeem himself.  I was never a fan, but now he's completely unwatchable.... 
I'm liking Al Franken (D-Minn.), more and more.  When Lieberman's 10 minutes of yammering were up Thursday, this is what happened next;  "I'm sorry. The senator has spoken for ten minutes," Franken the chamber's presiding officer, told Lieberman.  "I wonder if I could ask unanimous consent for just an additional moment," Lieberman said.  "In my capacity as the senator from Minnesota, I object," said Franken.  Good for Al.  I've heard enough from Benedict Arnold for a lifetime.  To actually state that he didn't want the Medicare buy-in for people 55-64 because "liberals like it too much" said all you needed to know about this prick....
As Sarah's World Turns: The Toronto Sun Reports that Sarah Palin has been booted from Canadian Hospital fundraiser.  Apparently the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation received many angry calls and emails from people saying they wouldn't donate to any event in which she has a role.  She will come to town raise money for a local children’s charity instead.  See what having educated citizens does!...A Salt Lake City Costco where Palin was to attend a book signing removed all tomatos from the shelves to lessen the chance of a copycat tomato throwing incident as happened a couple weeks ago in Minnesota.  That was brilliant, really.  I wonder if it occured to them to remove the eggs too... While in Salt Lake, the diva's legend grew.  Palin's entourage requested local hairdresser Rhonda Halliday do an emergency hair session.  Halliday arrived at the hotel and had her car valet parked.  After being ushered to a room and given some instructions (don't talk to Palin unless she talks first) she did Palin's hair while the Wasilla quitter chatted with her family.  Then, the Queen's party left to get to the book signing at Costco on time.  Halliday was the last one out of the room because she had to put her equipment away, then watched as they all drove off without anyone mentioning payment or a tip.  When the valet attendant got her car, he said that would be $10.  She said she was with the Palin party and assumed they would take care of parking. That was news to him, so she had to fork over the $10.  I guess she should've just been honored to be in her majestry's presence, that was payment enough... Palin also annoyed leaders of the Utah Republican Party when she didn't have time for them during her stop in Salt Lake City.  I'm sure if they offered her a few bucks, she would've gladly found the time.  She sure knows how to win friends and influence people.  Yup, she's going to make a fine Presidential hopeful!

Keep the pressure on!

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