Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The GOP War on Women is Alive and Well

Did these guys not read the elction results?  After watching the GOP debacle with women over the past couple years, whether it be abortion, birth control or fair pay, it's pretty clear:  The GOP does not view women as capable of making their own decisions, but now what's even more clear, is they've taken steps to ensure women have no rights if they find themselves in a violent relationship.

The John Boehner led Republicans have let expire, the Violence Against Women Act, first introduced in 1994 and reinstated without fanfare until the teabagger coalition got to town.  What were their major complaints?  It actually covered gays, immigrants, and Native Americans.  Can you believe it?  Those sneaky Democrats actually think that those women need protection too.  Commie bastards!  In case you're curious as to what it did, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), increased federal penalties for domestic violence and provided funding for groups and services that aid victims of domestic abuse. The bill was once a bipartisan sweet spot of being both tough on crime and oriented toward women's rights.  But that was then. 

In case the election blunders about legitimate rape and rape pregnancies being a gift from God, binders full of women, etc... didn’t clue you in to the GOP’s gender issues, this should.  Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the Democratic point person on VAWA, called the move “inexcusable” in a statement. “But this seems to be how House Republican leadership operates.”
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