Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peaceful Protestors Opposed to Virginia's Ultrasound Law Dragged Away

On Saturday, a group of protesters gathered at the Virginia state capitol to protest the Republican war on women, which peaked last week when the state GOP faced a firestorm of criticism over the transvaginal ultrasound bill. Though the language has been toned down, the bill is still a violation of women’s rights and privacy.

Instead of being allowed to peacefully protest, riot police moved in, surrounded the group and dragged them away. After watching police brutality during the OWS protests, we're now getting to see a very similar activity starting to take place as womens rights groups are trying to stop this ongoing attack on womens long settled freedoms and rights in this country. It's very troubling that "To Serve and Protect" has become "To Silence and Intimidate." Not only is this a national embarrassment, but it emphasizes the importance of all Americans joining together to protect our constitutional rights. The video below is troubling.

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