Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Head Banger Suing Maddow For Airing Video of His Hatespeech

By now it's obvious that I hold Rachel Maddow in the very highest regard so here's the real deal. Attention starved Michele Bachmann supporter Bradlee Dean is attempting to sue Rachel and MSNBC for $50 million in connection with a segment she did on him on her show last year. Today right wing blogs were aglow thinking this "Christian" heavy metal, brain dead rocker, homophobe is going to take her down. Here's the rub, they're all just posting the story and conveniently not linking the video so I will below. They've also done some pretty damn creative editing of the segment to paint the thin-skinned wingnut as a victim. He's suing her for defamation because she reported on his "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" group and reported that he has called for the incarceration of gay people and seemingly supported the part of Muslim Sharia law that calls for the execution of homosexuals. Here's the beauty of it. She didn't just say it baselessly, she played a video and in fairness even read his lame little disclaimer.

Rachel is on vacation this week, but here's the statement from MSNBC: "This suit is baseless and we stand by our reporting." Isn't America awesome! You can attempt to sue someone for defamation because you don't like that there's audio/video of your hatespeech and a cable news host actually played it! Watch the video. This will get dismissed in a heartbeat. Personally I don't even think he'll pursue it. I believe this is entirely a publicity stunt to lead him to be booked on Faux Newz and right wing radio. Look at him, he's a talentless Axl Rose wannabee who's music career failed so he's decided on a frivolous lawsuit career. When will conservatives ever learn that video and audio are forever! One more thing, I wonder if he's ever read Leviticus 19.28 from his glass house?

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