Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Tellin' Like It Is...Again!

I have to admit that I was worried that the union protests in Wisconsin would fizzle out, but instead it's spreading to other states like Indiana, Ohio and beyond --- which is awesome! I personally have never been a union member, mostly because the opportunity never arose. Trust me, two of my past companies should have had unions. Not just because of pay, but because of working conditions. It's always been crystal clear to me that the very threat of a union keeps many companies "honest" with their employees. Senator Sanders conveyed what I have always felt, that destroying unions will have a true trickle down affect on ever working person in this country. These right wingers who seem to think union workers make obscene money with free health care and retirement are clueless. It's become very evident over the past two weeks. Stay strong, union workers. You have the support of many non-union workers. The very fate of the middle class is riding on your success.

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